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Toyota 4SG-10 4Y Alternator AL16E4
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Compatible Models:
Toyota Lift Trucks 4SG-10 4Y, 4SG-12 4Y, 4SG-15 4Y, 5FD-33 11Z, 5FD-35 11Z, 5FD-38 11Z, 5FD-40 11Z, 5FD-45 11Z, 5FDE-35 11Z, 5FG-10 4Y, 5FG-10 5K, 5FG-14 4Y, 5FG-14 5K, 5FG-15 4Y, 5FG-15 5K, 5FG-18 4Y, 5FG-18 5K, 5FG-20 4P, 5FG-20 4Y, 5FG-20 5K, 5FG-23 4P, 5FG-23 4Y, 5FG-23 5K, 5FG-25 4P, 5FG-25 4Y, 5FG-25 5K, 5FG-28 4Y, 5FG-30 4Y, 5FGL-10 5K, 5FGL-14 5K, 5FGL-15 5K, 5FGL-18 5K, 5FGL-20 4P, 5FGL-20 5K, 5FGL-23 4P, 5FGL-23 5K, 5FGL-25 4P, 5FGL-25 5K, 6FDL-10 V1512, 6FDL-14 V1512, 6FDL-15 V1512, 6FDL-18 V1512, 6FDL-20 V1512, 6FDL-23 V1512, 6FDL-25 V1512, 6FG-10 5K, 6FG-14 5K, 6FG-15 4Y, 6FG-15 5K, 6FG-18 4Y, 6FG-18 5K, 6FG-20 4Y, 6FG-20 5K, 6FG-23 4Y, 6FG-23 5K, 6FG-25 4Y, 6FG-25 5K, 6FG-28 4Y, 6FG-28 5K, 6FG-30 4Y, 6FG-30 5K, 6FGC-25 4Y, 6FGL-10 5K, 6FGL-14 4Y, 6FGL-14 5K, 6FGL-15 4Y, 6FGL-15 5K, 6FGL-18 4Y, 6FGL-18 5K, 6FGL-20 4Y, 6FGL-20 5K, 6FGL-23 4Y, 6FGL-23 5K, 6FGL-25 4Y, 6FGL-25 5K Series
Item Description

Toyota Lift Trucks 4SG-10 4Y 4SG-12 4Y Series WPS World Power Systems 12185N Alternator AL16E4.

Power Input: 12V
Power Output: 50A
Weight: 8.25 lbs
Type: Alternator
Features: Clockwise Rotation Pulley class: V1
Requirements: 50A, 12V

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