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More information about Processors ( Cpu ):
Ascendtech offers the highest possible value at incredible prices backed by award winning personal service. Ascendtech prides itself on being able to bring customers high-quality Processors at amazing low cheap discount buying prices.

Because the CPU (Central Processing Unit), or processor, is the nerve center of your computer, it should be among your first purchases when building or updating a system. Whether you choose an Intel or an AMD processor, you'll have to make a choice about how fast a processor to buy and what bus speed to go for. Because both processor manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products, we suggest that you select a processor that is as fast and powerful as you can afford to meet your needs, so it won’t become obsolete as applications become more complicated and graphics intensive. However, if you want a computer simply for basic Internet usage, email and word processing, you can choose from some of the less expensive yet highly efficient models such as AMD’s Sempron and Intel’s Celeron processors. When selecting a processor, you must make sure it is compatible with the motherboard you’ll use in your system. CPU and motherboard compatibility is governed by the type of socket the processor fits into. For example Socket 754, Socket 939 and Socket 940 are designed to work with AMD processors while Socket 478 and LGA Socket 775 are for Intel CPUs. Whether you’re building or upgrading a basic system or you’re a computer enthusiast who plays games and loves outstanding multimedia entertainment, we have the processor that will meet your needs. We have among the world’s largest and most complete selections of both AMD and Intel CPUs of every. We have a great inventory of AMD Sempron, Athlon 64 and Opteron processors, as well as Intel Celeron, Pentium D dual core and Pentium 4 Extreme Edition CPUs. Whether you need a powerful 64-bit processor, a mighty Pentium 4 or a games-crunching AMD Athlon 64FX-60, we’ve got the CPU you’re looking for at a price you can afford. We also have a complete line of cooling fans to fit every type of processor.

So whether you are looking for best deal on Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Xeon, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or AMD Sempron, Opteron, Athlon, Phenom FX Processors, you will find it here at Ascendtech.

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