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Toshiba Led Board w/ Cable 455MJ051L01
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Item Code:
455MJ051L01 LS-B301P
Item Description

Toshiba Satellite BC55 C50 C55 Series Laptop LED Indicator Board with Cable 455MJ051L01.

Board Part Number:
Model Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:

Compatible Models: Toshiba Satellite BC55-B5202 Satellite BC55T-B5109 Satellite BC55T-B5110 Satellite C50 Satellite C50-B-02Y Satellite C50-B031 Satellite C50-BBT2N11 Satellite C50-BCNTN01 Satellite C50-BST2NX1 Satellite C50-BST2NX5 Satellite C55 Satellite C55-B5100 Satellite C55-B5101 Satellite C55-B5161 Satellite C55-B5170 Satellite C55-B5202B Satellite C55-B5240 Satellite C55-B5240X Satellite C55-B5242 Satellite C55-B5242X Satellite C55-B5270 Satellite C55-B5270D Satellite C55-B5272 Satellite C55-B5277 Satellite C55-B5298 Satellite C55-B5299 Satellite C55-B5300 Satellite C55-B5300B Satellite C55-B5302 Satellite C55-B5350 Satellite C55-B5352 Satellite C55-B5355 Satellite C55-B5356 Satellite C55-B5362 Satellite C55-B5382 Satellite C55-B5390 Satellite C55-B5392 Satellite C55D-B5102 Satellite C55D-B5160 Satellite C55D-B5203 Satellite C55D-B5206 Satellite C55D-B5214 Satellite C55D-B5219 Satellite C55D-B5308 Satellite C55D-B5310 Satellite C55D-B5319 Satellite C55DT-B5128 Satellite C55DT-B5153 Satellite C55DT-B5205 Satellite C55T-B5109 Satellite C55T-B5149 Satellite C55T-B5230 Satellite C55T-B5349 Series

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