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Nvidia GeForce G210 Laptop Graphics Card
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Touchsmart 300-1160A 1211CN 1218CN 1218HK 1230BE 1230CS 1230ES 1230FR 1230NL 1230SC 1230UK 1238HK 1240IN 1258CN 1258HK 1270D Desktop, 600-1140BE 1140CH 1140CS 1140DE 1140ES 1140FR 1140GR 1140IT 1140ME 1140PL 1140PT 1140RU 1140SC 1140UK 1150 1160JP 1205XT 1210AF 1210BE 1210CH 1210DE 1210ES 1210FR 1210GR 1210IT 1210ME 1210NL 1210PL 1210PT 1210RU 1210SA 1210SC 1210UK 1215XT 1260JP 1270JP 1300KR 1310ES 1310FR 1310IT 1315XT 1330JP 1344D 1360JP 1370 1370JP 1371 1410BE 1410CH 1410DE 1410EA 1410ES 1410FR 1410HU 1410NL 1410PT 1410RU 1410UK 1430ES Desktop Series
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
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Item Description

Nvidia GeForce G210 512MB DDR3 MXM Laptop Graphics Video Card 594504-001.

Memory Type: DDR3
Video Chipset/GPU Model: Nvidia GeForce G210
Graphics Memory: 512MB
Interface: MXM

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