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Nortel Universal Trunk Card NT8D14BB 06
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NT8D14BB 06
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Please note, this unit is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested, completely operational and functions as intended!
Item Description

Nortel Meridian NT8D14BB Rlse 06 Universal Trunk Card NT8D14BB 06. Provides interface connecting the trunk facility to the Intelligent Peripheral Equipment. This card interfaces eight 600 or 900 ohm trunks with the system. Each of these eight ports can be individually configured to operate as CO trunks, DID trunks, 2-way Tie 2DR, 2-way Tie OAID, OANI, RAN, music trunk, paging trunk.

Model Number:
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NT8D14BB 06


-Provides 8 universal trunks.
-Supports DID trunks Supports RAN, music and paging equipment.
-Use in Meridian systems May be installed in IPE or CE/PE modules.




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