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Nortel Meridian NT8D02EB Digital Card
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NT8D02EB 03
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this unit is used, and has minor scuffs and scratches as well as few pieces of plastic are broken off from the front I/O that does not interfere with units operation. Please check out images below!
Item Description

Nortel Meridian NT8D02EB 16-Port Digital Line Card NT8D02EB 03.The Nortel Meridian NT8D02EB is a digital line card for Nortel Meridian phone systems. The Nortel NT8D02EB provides 16 digital line ports for Meridian digital telephones. The NT8D02EB multiplexes voice, data, and signalling path through a two wire TCM digital link. The Nortel digital line card works with Nortel CS1000E, CS100M, and Meridian 1 phone systems.

Nortel Part Number: NT8D02EB
Model Number: Meridian NT8D02EB
Compatible Model: Nortel CS 1000E CS 100M Meridian 1
Compatible Part Numbers:  NNTM60CDC065 NTMN12DA70

-Provides 16 Digital Line Ports
-Uses Time Compression Multiplexing (TCM)

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