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MicroSi Cpu Thermal Grease Tube w/ Wipe
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MicroSi Tube CP400 Wipe
Item Description

Chemtronics ChemPad CP400 premoistened wipe with ShinEtsu MicroSi thermal grease syringe tube combo MICROSICP400. Chempad Presaturated Wipes are general purpose, super saturated, lint-free cleaning felt wipes. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, fiber optic connectors, electronics components, touch keypads, keyboards, instrument housings, and magnetic tape heads. The MicroSi syringe tube is useful for reapplying the precise amount of new thermal grease required after the CPU/GPU is cleaned. This combo provides the optimal solution for professionally cleaning and reapplying thermal grease.

Part Number: MICROSICP400
What's Included:
1x Chemtronics ChemPad CP400 and 1x ShinEtsu MicroSi Solvent Syringe Tube

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