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Lot of 50 Dell 3FT Power Cables F2951
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F2951 0F2951 CN-0F2951
Item Description

Lot of 50 Dell Inspiron Latitude Precision Series 3FT 3-Prong Flat/Straight AC Power Adapter Cords Cables F2951 0F2951 CN-0F2951.

Dell Part Number: F2951 0F2951 CN-0F2951
Compatible Models: Dell Inspiron 1150 Inspiron 300m Inspiron 500M Inspiron 510M Inspiron 6000 Inspiron 600M Inspiron 630m Inspiron 700m Inspiron 710m Inspiron 8500 Inspiron 8600 Inspiron 8600c Inspiron 9200 Inspiron 9300 Inspiron 9300s Inspiron XPS M140 Latitude 100L Latitude D400 Latitude D410 Latitude  D500 Latitude D505 Latitude D510 Latitude D600 Latitude D610 Latitude D800 Latitude D810 Latitude D810 (Integrated Graphics) Latitude D810 (Radeon x600 Graphics) Latitude D810 Discrete Latitude D810U Integrated Latitude X300 Precision WorkStation M20 Precision WorkStation M60 Precision WorkStation M70 XPS M140 Series


Application: PA-10 PA-12
3 Feet
Type: 3-Prong Flat / Straight Cable
Wattage: 90W
Voltage: 19.5V

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