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Lot of 25 Linear LTC2903CS6-A1#TRMPBF
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Lot of 25 Linear Technology 1.566V 2.175V 2.871V Adjustable Active Low/Open Drain 4 Channel 6-Pin TSOT-23 Surface Mount Multi-Voltage Supervisor LTC2903CS6-A1#TRMPBF. The LTC 2903-1 monitors up to four supply voltages. The common reset output remains low until all four inputs have been in compliance for 200ms. Voltage thresholds maintain ±1.5% accuracy over temperature (with respect to the monitored voltage). The LTC2903-1 features an open-drain RST output with a weak internal pullup. Internal supply voltage (VCC) is generated from the greater voltage on the V1, V2 inputs. VCC = V1 for LTC2903-D1 and LTC2903-E1. The RST output is guaranteed to sink at least 5µA (VOL = 0.15V) for VCC down to 0.5V and will typically conduct current down to 0V. Quiescent current is 20µA typical, making the LTC2903-1 ideal for power conscious systems. The LTC2903-1 is available in a 6-lead low profile (1mm) SOT-23 package.

Height: 0.04"
Width: 0.07"
Length: 0.11"
Type: Multi-Voltage Supervisor

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