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Lot of 10 Dell Intrusion Switch Cable
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Item Code:
Part Number:
LOT10_F4404 0F4404 CN-0F4404
Item Description

Lot of 10 Dell Dimension XPS OptiPlex PowerEdge Precision Series Intrusion Switch Cable Assembly F4404 0F4404 CN-0F4404.

Dell Part Number:
F4404 0F4404 CN-0F4404
Compatible Models: Dell Dimension XPS G3, Dimension XPS G4, OptiPlex 755, OptiPlex 760, OptiPlex GX270, OptiPlex GX280, OptiPlex GX280 Desktop, OptiPlex GX280 Small Form Factor, OptiPlex GX620, OptiPlex GX620 Small Form Factor, OptiPlex SX270, OptiPlex SX280, PowerEdge SC1420, PowerEdge SC420, Precision WorkStation 370, Precision WorkStation 370 Desktop, Precision WorkStation 370 Mini-Tower, Precision WorkStation 470, Precision WorkStation 670

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