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Lenovo Memory PX600 2.6TB 00JY003
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00JY003 00JY001 00D8436
Item Description

Lenovo/IBM ioMemory PX600 Accelerator 2600GB 2.6TB PCI Express Card / Enterprise io3 Flash Adapter. Engineered for application acceleration, the Enterprise io3 PCIe Flash Adapters for Lenovo servers can help deliver higher performance than typical solid-state devices at a fraction of the cost and space, which makes them a perfect fit for a broad range of applications, including database and cloud applications, big data analytics, and hyperscale data center workloads.

Delivering high speed, low latency, and high efficiency, this new third-generation line of flash adapters brings scalable and optimized performance to distributed scale-out architectures at low cost. These adapters are designed primarily for servers and computing appliances to maximize compute efficiency while providing the added benefits of lower power and cooling costs, low management impact, and smaller storage footprints.

IBM Part Number: 00JY003 00JY001
Lenovo Part Number: 00D8436 11S00D8436
Compatible Models: System X ZZ


Based on the Fusion ioMemory PX600 adapter with silicon-based NAND clustering storage technology, the Enterprise io3 PCIe Flash Adapters offer cost-effective Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technology in standard PCIe form factors.

These adapters use NAND flash memory as the basic building block of solid-state storage and contain no moving parts, so they are less sensitive to issues that are associated with vibration, noise, and mechanical failure. These adapters are built as block devices on a PCIe bus with advanced wear-leveling, ECC and chip-level fault tolerance, which provides exceptional reliability and efficiency.

The Enterprise io3 PCIe Flash Adapters can deliver fast and scalable performance for mixed read- and write-intensive workloads at low latency required for webscale and cloud environments. The following typical applications require ultra-high I/O performance:

- Large-scale transaction processing
- Cloud computing
- Content distribution
- On-demand streaming
- Data warehousing
- Business intelligence and analytics
- Decision support

The Enterprise io3 PCIe Flash Adapters have the following features:

* Technology:
 - Up to 5.2 TB of solid-state storage in an industry-standard PCIe form factor.
 - High-density design with cost-effective MLC NAND technology reduces storage footprint.
 - Functions as a PCIe storage and controller device. The operating system sees a block device.
* Performance:
 - High-speed, low latency, consistent, and scalable I/O performance
 - Access latency can be as low as 15 µs
 - Up to 2.7 GBps/2.2 GBps of sustained sequential read/write throughput
 - Up to 330,000/375,000 random read/write IOPS that uses 4 KB data blocks
 - Integrates with host processor as a memory tier for direct parallel access to flash
* Reliability:
 - Advanced wear leveling
 - ECC protection
 - Adaptive Flashback redundancy for RAID-like chip protection with self-healing capabilities
* Monitoring and management:
 - Power consumption
 - Thermal information
 - Flash wear-out

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