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Lenovo Ideapad Hdd Caddy 5B40N82219
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Item Code:
Part Number:
5B40N82219 8S5B40N82219
Compatible Part Numbers:
AP13N000900 AP13N000900KRD
Compatible Models:
Lenovo Ideapad 330 (81DJ); 330 TOUCH-15IKB (81DJ0009CF); 330-14AST (81D5); 330-14IKB (81G2); 330-15AST (81D6 81D600K2US 81D600R0AK 81D600R1AK); 330-15IGM (81D1 81D1003TUS 81D100EDUS 81D100NYAK 81DE017BUS); 330-15IKB (81DC 81DE 81DE0043US 81DE0085US 81DE00L8US 81DE00T0US 81DE00T1US 81DE017BUS 81DE01XEUS 81DE0213CF 81DJ0004US); 330-17IKB (81DM 81DM0005US 81DM001UUS 81DM005USA); 520-15IKB (81BF); Miix 320 Tablet (81BH); 320 Tablet (81BH0000US); 320-14ISK Tablet (80XG); 320-15ABR Tablet (80XS 80XS0024US 80XS00DJUS 80XS00EJUS 80XT); 320-15AST Tablet (80XV); 320-15IAP Tablet (80XR 80XR00AGUS 80XR00ALUS 80XR00AMUS 80XV00A8US); 320-15IKB Tablet (80XL 80XL0005US 80XN); 320-15ISK Tablet (80XH); 320-17ABR Tablet (80YN); 320-17AST Tablet (80XW); 320-17IKB Tablet (80XM 80XM0000US 80XM0002US 80XM00GRUS); 320-17ISK Tablet (80XJ 80XJ002XLM) Series
Item Description

Lenovo Ideapad Series Laptop Hard Drive Caddy with Connector 5B40N82219 8S5B40N82219.

Type: Laptop HDD Caddy
Features: HDD Connector P/N: NBX0001K200 NBX0001K210

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