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Lenovo 3-Prong Plug Power Cable 42T5156
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Item Code:
TW15CS3 EC L02163
Item Description

Lenovo IdeaPad ThinkCentre ThinkPad Yoga Series Mickey 3-Prong Plug AC Power Adapter Cord Cable 42T5156.

Lenovo Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
TW15CS3 EC L02163

Compatible Models: Lenovo IdeaPad S10E ThinkCentre E63Z All-in-one (10D4) ThinkCentre M72E Tiny Form Factor ThinkCentre M73 Desktop (10AY) ThinkCentre M91P ECO Usff (0266) ThinkPad 11E (20D9) ThinkPad 13 (20J1) ThinkPad 13 (20J2) ThinkPad E450 (20DC) ThinkPad E455 (20DE) ThinkPad E460 (20ET) ThinkPad E465 (20EX) ThinkPad E470 (20H1) ThinkPad E550 (20DFS00K00) ThinkPad E550C (20E0) ThinkPad E560P (20G5) ThinkPad E570 (20H5) ThinkPad Edge E431 (6886) ThinkPad L440 (20AS) ThinkPad L450 (20DS) ThinkPad L470 (20J4) ThinkPad L570 (20JQ) ThinkPad P50 ThinkPad P50 (20ENCTR1WW) ThinkPad P51 (20HH, 20HJ) ThinkPad P51S (20JY) ThinkPad P51S Mobile Workstation (20HB) ThinkPad P71 (20HKCTR1WW) ThinkPad R500 ThinkPad S430 ThinkPad SL300 ThinkPad SL400 ThinkPad SL500 ThinkPad T400 ThinkPad T400S ThinkPad T440 (20B6) ThinkPad T440P (20AW) ThinkPad T450 (20BU) ThinkPad T450S ThinkPad T460 (20FM) ThinkPad T460P (20FX) ThinkPad T460S (20F9) ThinkPad T460S (20FA) ThinkPad T470 (20HD) ThinkPad T470 (20HE) ThinkPad T470P (20J7) ThinkPad T470S (20HF) ThinkPad T470S (20HG) ThinkPad T500 ThinkPad T560 ThinkPad T570 (20H9) ThinkPad T60P (2637) ThinkPad T61 ThinkPad T61P ThinkPad W500 ThinkPad W541 (20EG) ThinkPad X1 (20BS) ThinkPad X1 (20BT) ThinkPad X1 (20FR) ThinkPad X1 (20GG) ThinkPad X1 2G (20JB) ThinkPad X1 5G (20HR) ThinkPad X220I Tablet (4294) ThinkPad X220I Tablet (4298) ThinkPad X260 ThinkPad X260 (20F6) ThinkPad X270 (20HN, 20HM) ThinkPad X380 Yoga (20LH) ThinkPad Yoga (20C0) ThinkPad Yoga 12 (20DL) ThinkPad Yoga 15 (20DQ) ThinkPad Yoga 460 (20EM) ThinkPad Yoga P40 (20GQ) ThinkPad Yoga X1 2G (20JD) ThinkPad Yoga X1 2G (20JF) ThinkPad Yoga X1 2G (20JG) Yoga 260 (20FD) Yoga 260 (20FE) Yoga 370 (20JH) Yoga 370 Laptop (20JJ)

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