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Lenovo 130S-11IGM I/O Board 5C50R61312
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Item Code:
Part Number:
5C50R61312 8S5C50R61312
Compatible Part Numbers:
431205218020 431205219020 64441205200060
Compatible Models:
Lenovo Ideapad 130S-11IGM (81KT000AUS); Ideapad 130S-14IGM (81KU); ThinkPad 130S-11IGM (81KT, 81KT0000US); Thinkpad 130S-14IGM (81KU0001US); Thinkpad S130-11IGM Yoga (81J1) Series
Item Description

Lenovo IdeaPad 130S-11IGM 130S-14IGM ThinkPad 130S-11IGM 130S-14IGM S130-11IGM Yoga 81J1 Series Laptop I/O Board with Cable 5C50R61312 8S5C50R61312.

Input/Output Ports: 1x Audio Mini Jack 3.5mm; 1x USB; 1x Card Reader
Type: I/O Board
Features: Cable P/N: 5C10R61446 8S5C10R61446

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