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K8VM800-RH Socket 754 Amd 64 Motherboard
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K8VM800-RH Gigabyte
Item Description

Gigabyte K8VM800-RH Socket 754 AMD 64 Bit K8M800 Chipset AGP DDR IDE & SATA Motherboard For AMD Athlon / Sempron Processors. Delivers the most cost effective platform and brings high levels of performance and features to the desktop systems.


CPU: Socket 754 for AMD Athlon64

Download Drivers Here:

Chipset: 1.VIA K8M800 Chipset
2.VIA VT8237 Chipset
3.Super I/O: ITE IT8705 chip
4.Integrated peripherials
1.Realtek 8100C Ethernet controller
2.Realtek ALC655 Audio AC'97 Codec

Memory: 1.Type: DDR400/ 333/ 266- 184pin
2.Max capacity: Up to 2GB by 2 DIMM slots

Internal I/O Connectors: 1.2 x Serial ATA connector
2.2 x UDMA ATA 133/100/66 Bus Master IDE connectors
3.1 x FDD connector
4.2 x USB 2.0/1.1 connectors (supports 4 ports)
5.S/P DIF input/output pin header
6.2 x cooling fan pin headers
7.CD/AUX in
8.1 x Game/Midi connector

Expansion Slots: 1.1 x AGP slot (8x/4x-AGP 3.0 compliant), supports 1.5v display card only.
2.3 x PCI slots (PCI 2.2 compliant)

Back Panel Connectors: 1.PS/2 Keyboard / Mouse
2.4 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
3.1 x RJ45 port
4.1 x COM port
5.1 x LPT
6.Audio (1 x Line-in / 1 x Line-out / 1 x Mic) connector
7.1 x VGA port

CPU/AGP/DIMM setting 1.CPU FSB adjustable via BIOS

Power: 1.ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector
2.Power-off by Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP shut down and switch

Form Factor: 1.Micro ATX form factor
2.24.4 x 22.0 cm

H/W Monitoring 1.System health status auto-detect and report by BIOS
2.Hardware detecting and reporting for case open, CPU voltage, and fan speed.

BIOS: 1.2M bit flash ROM, Phoenix BIOS

Other Features: 1.Xpress™ Installation,
2.Xpress™ Recovery
3.Xpress™ BIOS rescue


CPU Support List:

AMDAthlon 64 3700+1MBNewcastle130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3400+512KBNewcastle130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3200+512KBNewcastle130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3000+512KBNewcastle130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 2800+512KBNewcastle130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3400+1MBSledgeHammer130nmCG&C01600
AMDAthlon 64 3200+1MBNewcastle130nmCG&C01600
AMDAthlon 64 2800+512KBSledgeHammer130nmCG&C01600
AMDAthlon 64 3400+512KBSledgeHammer130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3200+512KBSledgeHammer130nmCG1600
AMDAthlon 64 3000+512KBSledgeHammer130nmCG&C01600
AMDAthlon 64 3200+512KBVenice90nmE61600
AMDAthlon 64 3000+512KBVenice90nmE61600
AMDSempron 3100+256KBParis130nmCG1600
AMDSempron 3400+256KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 3300+128KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 3100+256KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 3000+128KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 2800+256KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 2600+128KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 2500+256KBPalermo90nmE61600
AMDSempron 3300+128KBPalermo90nmE31600
AMDSempron 3100+256KBPalermo90nmE31600
AMDSempron 3000+128KBPalermo90nmE31600
AMDSempron 2800+256KBPalermo90nmE31600
AMDSempron 2600+128KBPalermo90nmE31600
AMDSempron 3300+128KBParis90nmD01600
AMDSempron 3100+256KBParis90nmD01600
AMDSempron 3000+128KBParis90nmCG&D01600
AMDSempron 2800+256KBParis90nmD01600
AMDSempron 2600+128KBParis90nmD01600
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