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Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3440 2.53GHz 1156
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Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3440 2.53GHz 2.5GT/s Socket LGA1156 CPU. The new Xeon X3440 processor for DP workstations featuring the Intel NetBurst micro-architecture offers outstanding performance for multithreaded applications in a multitasking environment. The Intel Xeon processor is ideal for compute intensive and heavy workload applications that require floating-point performance and the intense use of graphics for design. The Intel Xeon processor features a 400 MHz front side bus, dual channel RDRAM memory and the Intel 860 chipset, which provides the bandwidth and performance throughput to deliver streaming audio/video and online collaboration. For your demanding application needs, Intel Xeon processor-based workstations provide the ideal solution. The Intel Xeon processor at 2.53 GHz is designed for dual-processing performance workstations. The processor is binary compatible with previous generation Intel Architecture processors.


  • Process Type: Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processor X3440
  • Frequency: 2.53 GHz
  • QPI: 2.5 GT/s
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • Process: 45 nm
  • Socket: Socket 1156
  • Power Consumption: 95 W
  • This processor is a Quad Core Processor
  • This processor supports Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
  • This processor supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T)
  • This processor supports Intel Virtualization Technology
  • This processor supports Demand Based Switching
  • This processor supports Hyper-Threading Technology
  • This processor supports Enhanced Halt State (C1E)
  • This processor supports Execute Disable Bit capability

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