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Ibm 16/4 Token-Ring Pci 01H898 Adapter
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01H898 1H898
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IBM 16/4 Token-Ring PCI Management Adapter The new PCI management adapters use the fifth generation of IBM's industry-leading token-ring chip technology and offer an unmatched combination of features, performance and value for token-ring customers. With an array of leading manageability features, these three new adapters enable corporate IT managers to drive down their total cost of system and network ownership while preserving their investment in proven token-ring technology. These adapters are backwards-compatible to older adapters, facilitating a smooth migration to the new cards. These device drivers also operate with the new IBM 16/4 Token-Ring CardBus Adapter, allowing a common driver to be deployed across desktop, server and mobile platforms.
All of the new adapters offer a number of manageability functions designed to enable more efficient management of large networked PC installations. With support for Wake on LAN, PXE-compliant remote boot and remote unattended installation, systems can be deployed consistently and maintained during non-use hours. These PCI management adapters ship with a Tivoli Management Agent and support SNMP management and DMI 2.0 instrumentation, enabling system management with the leading applications. Installation is a breeze with Plug and Play. In addition, a new Windows-based diagnostic tool eases problem determination. With the introduction of these innovative adapters, IBM continues to deliver the latest industry features to its family of customer-proven token-ring networking adapters.


Wake on LAN:  Enables Network Manager applications to "wake up" a system (for example, to download software).

Alert on LAN:  Enables a system to communicate its status to a Network Manager even when powered off.

OnNow: Microsoft version of Wake on LAN.

Multiprotocol Switched Services (MSS) Route Switching:  Alleviates performance delays that may occur in router-based networks by setting up an end-to-end Layer 2 connection for IP traffic.
Provides prioritization for IP data flows.

LAN Adapter Management Agent:  Provides Tivoli, DMI Version 2, and SNMP management of adapters.

Redundant NIC feature: Minimizes downtime due to adapter, cable or connector failures in server connections.

Remote Program Load (RPL): Provides consistent IPL levels across the LAN.

Plug and Play:  Enables fast and easy automatic configuration.

LANAID: Simplifies configuration and installation of drivers and protocols.

Multiple interrupt levels and I/O addresses Offers more choices and reduces conflicts between devices.

Automatic ring-speed detection: Prevents network disruptions caused by incorrectly set adapter ring speed.


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