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Hp TouchSmart 654271-001 Andale Ir Cable
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Genuine Original HP TouchSmart 420 Series 370 mm Andale IR Cable 654271-001.

HP Part Number: 654271-001

Compatible Models: HP OMNI 220-1050XT CTO HP OMNI CTO 220-1080QD REFURB HP OMNI CTO 220-1150XT REFURB HP OMNI CTO 220-1180QD REFURB HP OMNI CTO 220-1185QD REFURB HP Omni 220-1000kr PC KOR HP Omni 220-1020a PC AUST HP Omni 220-1020jp(Lavaca-B) 3C JPN PC HP Omni 220-1048hk PC HK HP Omni 220-1050xt CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1080qd CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1100t CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1110kr PC KOR HP Omni 220-1120jp Intel (Lavaca-B)1CJPN HP Omni 220-1130a PC AUST HP Omni 220-1130kr PC KOR HP Omni 220-1135a PC AUST HP Omni 220-1137kr PC KOR HP Omni 220-1140jp Intel (Lavaca3-B) PC HP Omni 220-1148hk PC HK HP Omni 220-1150xt CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1155xt CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1180qd CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1185qd CTO Desktop PC HP Omni 220-1220jp Intel (Lavaca3-B) PC HP TOUCHSMART CTO 420-1000T REFURB HP TOUCHSMART CTO420-1100T REFURB HP TVT AP LA NA Mini PCIe Card HP TouchSmart 420-1000t CTO Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 420-1100t CTO Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 420-1155la Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 420-1172la Desktop PC

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