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Hp Sata Dvd-Rom Cd-Rw 5188-5455 Drive
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Item Code:
DH-48C2S PLD-DH-52C2S(B)
Item Description

HP DH-48C2S SATA DVD-ROM CD-RW 5188-5455 Desktop Combo Internal Optical Drive. HP meets the current and future demands of high performance, power embedded computing, making it ideal for communications, transaction terminal, interactive client, industrial automation applications as well as for standard home use.

HP Part Number: 5188-5455
Model Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:

Compatible Models:
HP Compaq Presario SG3315IL PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5211CF PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5215CF PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5250CF PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5275AP PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5350AP PC
HP Compaq Presario SR5420IL PC
HP Pavilion a6200t (CTO) home PC
HP Pavilion a6205t (CTO) home PC
HP Pavilion a6210z (CTO) home PC
HP Pavilion a6300t CTO home PC
HP Pavilion g3170l PC
HP Pavilion g3215l PC
HP Pavilion g3217l PC
HP Pavilion g3233l PC
HP Pavilion g3235d PC
HP Pavilion g3270l PC
HP Pavilion g3317l PC
HP Pavilion g3370l PC
HP Pavilion g3432l PC
HP Pavilion g3533l PC



48x CD-R Write
32x CD-RW Rewrite
48x CD-ROM Read
16x DVD Write Speed


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