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Hp Presario CQ42 Motherboard 595183-001
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Item Code:
Part Number:
595183-001 595183-501 595183-601
Compatible Part Numbers:
DA0AX1MB6F0 31AX1MB0010
Compatible Models:
HP Compaq Presario CQ42 (CQ42-151TX CQ42-152TX CQ42-153TX CQ42-154TX CQ42-155TX CQ42-156TX CQ42-157TX CQ42-158TX CQ42-159TX CQ42-160TX CQ42-161TX CQ42-162TX CQ42-163TX CQ42-164TX CQ42-165TX CQ42-166TX CQ42-167TX CQ42-168TX CQ42-169TX CQ42-170TX CQ42-171TX CQ42-172TX CQ42-173TX CQ42-174TX CQ42-175TX CQ42-176TX CQ42-177TX CQ42-178TX CQ42-179TX CQ42-180TX CQ42-181TX CQ42-182TX CQ42-183TX CQ42-184TX CQ42-185TX CQ42-186TX CQ42-187TX CQ42-188TX CQ42-189TX CQ42-190TX CQ42-191TX CQ42-192TX CQ42-193TX CQ42-194TX CQ42-195TX CQ42-196TX CQ42-251TX CQ42-252TX CQ42-253TX CQ42-254TX CQ42-255TX CQ42-256TX CQ42-282TX CQ42-283TX CQ42-284TX CQ42-285TX CQ42-286TX CQ42-287TX CQ42-288TX CQ42-289TX CQ42-298TX CQ42-299TX CQ42-351TX CQ42-353TX CQ42-354TX CQ42-355TX CQ42-356TX CQ42-257VX CQ42-258VX CQ42-269VX); G42-25 G42-35 G62 G62T G72 G72T CQ62-10 CQ62-25 Laptop Series
Item Description

HP Compaq Presario CQ42 G42-25 G42-35 G62 G62T G72 G72T CQ62-10 CQ62-25 Series Intel HM55 Socket rPGA989 ATI Mobility Radeon HD5400 512MB GDDR3 Laptop Motherboard 595183-001 595183-501 595183-601.

Chipset: Intel HM55
Socket: rPGA989
Max Supported Memory: 8GB
Number of Memory Slots: 2
Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
Video Chipset/GPU Model: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5400
Graphics Memory: 512MB GDDR3
Type: Laptop Motherboard

Please Note: Motherboards are part number specific. You must search by the exact part number of the motherboard you are replacing. The manufacturer part number of the original motherboard has to be an exact match to one you are buying or listed under the list of compatible part numbers, otherwise it may be different and may not work. Buying a matching part number is required in order to avoid returns, delays and lost shipping fees. You can NOT go by the model or serial number of the system alone! We obtain cross reference and compatibility information from the manufacturer (as well as various other sources) and while we do this to the best of our ability, we do not guarantee its accuracy. If you are unsure, please check with your system manufacturer. Please order based on the part number only!

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