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Hp Pavilion M9250F 5189-1098 Tuner card
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5189-1098 Combo-210E
Item Description

HP Pavilion M9250F 5189-1098 FM1236/F ATSC NTSC FM TV Tuner PVR PCI-E Card. Watch and record live TV on your PC with this HP 5189-1098 TV Tuner/FM Radio/Video Capture Card! It features PCI Express x1 interface and receives both over the air digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) TV signals! Add this Capture Card to your media center PC today. It features 3 RF inputs (one for analog, one for digital and one for radio). The card also sports an A/V header, which allows for additional inputs when when used with PC cases that have built in front or rear panel A/V connectors (S-Video, Composite and L/R Audio).

Manufacturer: Asus
Manufacturer Model Number: Combo-210E NTSC/ATSC PCI-E
Part number: 5189-1098

Please note the following: TV tuner card comes as shown on the photo. This is an OEM card and does not come with accessories, cables or software. The card is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center Software and Windows 7 Media Center Software.


PCI Express x1 interface
Supports Digital TV (ATSC) and Analog (NTSC) TV signals
Built in FM Radio Tuner
Single D1 MPEG2/4 (ASP, SP) encode capable
ADC resolution: 10-bit
Video Standards:
Audio sampling rate: 32 kHz, 44.1, kHz, 48 kHz
Video Processing:
NTSC/PAL Comb Filter for 2D
Programmable VBI Data slicer
Macrovision 1.0 Detection
FM Radio
S-Video in
Audio left channel
Audio right channel


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