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Hp Pavilion DV6000 Heatsink 432995-001
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HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 DV9000EA DV9000Z DV9001EA DV9001XX DV9002EA DV9002US DV9002XX DV9003EA DV9003XX DV9004EU DV9004XX DV9005CA DV9005EA DV9005US DV9005XX DV9006EA DV9006OM DV9008EA DV9008NR DV9009CA DV9009CL DV9009NR DV9009US DV9010CA DV9010US DV9013CA DV9013CL DV9014EA DV9015EA DV9024EA DV9030EA DV9035EA DV9036EA DV9037EA DV9040EA DV9041EA DV9043EA DV9044EA DV9045EA DV9047EA DV9049EA DV9053EA DV9054EA DV9056EA DV9057EA DV9065EA DV9074CL DV9074EA DV9076EA DV9077EU DV9090EA DV9091EA DV9093EA DV9094EA DV9095EA DV9200 DV9200XX DV9205EU DV9206EU DV9220EU DV9225US DV9232EU DV9233EU DV9237EU DV9244EU DV9252EU DV9254EU DV9266EU DV9274EU DV9292EU DV9294EU DV9295EU DV9296EU DV9300 DV9304EU DV9305EU DV9309EU DV9312EU DV9331EU DV9341EU DV9342EU DV9343EU DV9344EU DV9345EU DV9372EU DV9374EU DV9375EU DV9398EU DV9400 DV9400Z Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion DV6000 DV9000 Series Laptop Thermal CPU Cooling Heatsink Fan Assembly 432995-001.

Type: CPU Heatsink Fan Assembly

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