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Hp Pavilion DV6 Series Mboard 434723-001
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Part Number:
434723-001 434723-501 434723-601
Compatible Part Numbers:
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion DV6000 (DV6000T), DV6100 (DV6101TU DV6103NR DV6103OD DV6104NR DV6107EA DV6108EA DV6108NR DV6109EA DV6109NR DV6111EA DV6111NR DV6112EA DV6113EA DV6114EA DV6115EA DV6116NR DV6120CA DV6120EA DV6120US DV6121EA DV6124EA DV6125EA DV6126EA DV6128EA DV6128OD DV6129US DV6130CA DV6130US DV6131OD DV6133OD DV6135CA DV6135EA DV6135NR DV6139US DV6141EA DV6144EA DV6147EA DV6149EA DV6149US DV6150CA DV6150US DV6156EA DV6174CA DV6195XX), DV6200 (DV6201EA DV6201TU DV6203TU DV6205US DV6206EA DV6208EA DV6210EA DV6211EA DV6212EA DV6213EA DV6214EA DV6215CA DV6216EA DV6216OM DV6218EA DV6220EA DV6222EA DV6226US DV6234EA DV6235CA DV6235NR DV6235US DV6236US DV6237EA DV6240EA DV6241EA DV6243CL-B DV6243EA DV6244US DV6245CA DV6245US DV6247CA DV6247CL DV6255CA DV6256US DV6263CL DV6263EA DV6265CA DV6265EA DV6267CL-B DV6269EA DV6292EA DV6299XX), DV6300 (DV6302TU DV6303TU DV6304TU DV6305CA DV6305EA DV6308EA DV6309EA DV6310EA DV6311EA DV6312EA DV6314EA DV6315CA DV6316EA DV6317EA DV6319EA DV6322EA DV6323EA DV6324EA DV6325CA DV6325EA DV6326EA DV6326US DV6327EA DV6327US DV6328EA DV6329EA DV6333CL DV6333EA DV6335CA DV6335US DV6337CL DV6337US DV6342EA DV6343EA DV6345EA DV6345US DV6358EA DV6358SE DV6363CA DV6363CL DV6364EA DV6365US DV6367CL), DV6400 (DV6403CL DV6408EZ DV6409US DV6413EJ DV6415EB DV6415EO DV6415US DV6420EF DV6425EF DV6426EI DV6426US DV6433CL DV6446US DV6450EC DV6452SE DV6460EC DV6460ED DV6460EE DV6460EN DV6499XX), DV6500 (DV6542EV)
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Item Description

HP Pavilion DV6000 DV6100 DV6200 DV6300 DV6400 DV6500 Series Intel Socket mPGA478MT Laptop Motherboard 434723-001 434723-501 434723-601.

Socket: Intel mPGA478MT
Number of Memory Slots: 2
Type: Laptop Motherboard

Please Note: Motherboards are part number specific. You must search by the exact part number of the motherboard you are replacing. The manufacturer part number of the original motherboard has to be an exact match to one you are buying or listed under the list of compatible part numbers, otherwise it may be different and may not work. Buying a matching part number is required in order to avoid returns, delays and lost shipping fees. You can NOT go by the model or serial number of the system alone! We obtain cross reference and compatibility information from the manufacturer (as well as various other sources) and while we do this to the best of our ability, we do not guarantee its accuracy. If you are unsure, please check with your system manufacturer. Please order based on the part number only!

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