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Hp Pavilion 27-R Aio Lcd Screen Assy
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Compatible Part Numbers:
1LDTZZZ0399 3UN77LATPQ0 LJ96-06453G DD1991 TFQ3WN77P00
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion 27-Q (27-QA179IN 27-QA180IN); 27-R (27-R000NK 27-R001LA 27-R001NB 27-R001NH 27-R001NL 27-R001NT 27-R001UR 27-R002LA 27-R002NH 27-R002NT 27-R002NY 27-R002NZ 27-R002UR 27-R003LA 27-R003NB 27-R003NP 27-R003NY 27-R003UR 27-R004LA 27-R004NG 27-R004NY 27-R004UR 27-R005LA 27-R005NA 27-R005UR 27-R006LA 27-R006NL 27-R006UR 27-R007NA 27-R007UR 27-R008LA 27-R008NE 27-R008UR 27-R009LA 27-R009NE 27-R009UR 27-R010A 27-R010LA 27-R010NE 27-R010NH 27-R010UR 27-R011LA 27-R011NB 27-R011NC 27-R011NL 27-R011UR 27-R012A 27-R012LA 27-R012NB 27-R012UR 27-R013LA 27-R013UR 27-R014 27-R014A 27-R014LA 27-R015UR 27-R015Z 27-R016UR 27-R018NH 27-R018UR 27-R019UR 27-R020NF 27-R020UR 27-R021NF 27-R022UR 27-R025NW 27-R025XT 27-R029 27-R030NA 27-R030NF 27-R030NW 27-R030UR 27-R031NF 27-R035ST 27-R039 27-R040NZ 27-R045QE 27-R047NL 27-R050NF 27-R050NG 27-R050NL 27-R050NO 27-R050NP 27-R050NS 27-R050NV 27-R050UR 27-R051D 27-R051NF 27-R051NP 27-R051NS 27-R051UR 27-R052NF 27-R052NG 27-R052NQ 27-R053NF 27-R053UR 27-R054NQ 27-R054NZ 27-R055NA 27-R055NF 27-R056NF 27-R058NA 27-R059NA 27-R060NO 27-R060UR 27-R061NO 27-R063KR 27-R064KR 27-R065KR 27-R070ND 27-R070NF 27-R070NI 27-R070NS 27-R070NZ 27-R070UR 27-R071D 27-R071KR 27-R071NF 27-R071NS 27-R072KR 27-R072NS 27-R073KR 27-R073NF 27-R073NS 27-R074D 27-R074NF 27-R074NS 27-R075D 27-R075NA 27-R075NF 27-R075NS 27-R076D 27-R076NF 27-R076NS 27-R077D 27-R077NF 27-R078JP 27-R078NF 27-R079NA 27-R079NF 27-R080D 27-R081D 27-R082D 27-R083D 27-R085ND 27-R085NZ 27-R086D 27-R087NZ 27-R088JP 27-R088ND 27-R094NZ 27-R100LA 27-R100NB 27-R100NE 27-R100NF 27-R100NH 27-R100NK 27-R100NS 27-R100NT 27-R100NW 27-R100NX 27-R100UR 27-R101LA 27-R101NB 27-R101NE 27-R101NI 27-R101NO 27-R101NQ 27-R101NS 27-R101NW 27-R101NX 27-R101NY 27-R101UR 27-R102LA 27-R102NE 27-R102NF 27-R102NP 27-R102NS 27-R102NX 27-R102UR 27-R103LA 27-R103NB 27-R103NC 27-R103NH 27-R103NO 27-R103NT 27-R103NW 27-R103NX 27-R103UR 27-R104LA 27-R104NB 27-R104NF 27-R104NI 27-R104NQ 27-R104NS 27-R104UR 27-R105LA 27-R105NI 27-R105NP 27-R105NS 27-R105NV 27-R105UR 27-R106NB 27-R106NF 27-R106NH 27-R106NV 27-R106UR 27-R107NB 27-R107NF 27-R107NV 27-R107UR 27-R108NV 27-R108UR 27-R109NB 27-R109NS 27-R109UR 27-R110NB 27-R110UR 27-R111NF 27-R111NS 27-R111UR 27-R112NB 27-R112NF 27-R112UR 27-R113NF 27-R113UR 27-R114 27-R114NB 27-R114NF 27-R116NF 27-R116UR 27-R117NF 27-R117UR 27-R118UR 27-R119 27-R119UR 27-R121NB 27-R121NF 27-R121NS 27-R121UR 27-R122NF 27-R122NS 27-R123NF 27-R123UR 27-R124NF 27-R127UR 27-R128NS 27-R128UR 27-R129NS 27-R130UR 27-R150KR 27-R150NO 27-R152A 27-R168D 27-R170JP 27-R170KR 27-R172D 27-R175D 27-R176D 27-R177D 27-R180D) All-in-One Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion 27-Q 27-R Series 27" 1920x1080 Glossy FHD IPS WLED-backlit All-In-One LCD Screen Assembly 939276-001.

Screen Size: 27.0"
Maximum Resolution: 1920x1080
Widescreen: Yes
Screen Surface: Glossy
Screen Panel Type: FHD IPS WLED-backlit edge-to-edge
Touchscreen: Yes
Backlight: LED-Backlit
Type: AIO LCD Screen Assembly
Features: Touch Control Board P/N: 018VB80ED 15PD55270A02; Backlight Cable P/N:DD0N77TH810

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