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Hp Minkels SPS-PDU.XP7 Pdu P03628-001
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3P32A-24C13-6C19CE 3P32A-24C13-6C19CE.X 646884 A6P9.3P32A-24C13-6C19CE 3414971098916 6 17W48 HCP-00173-1-MP 3-243-69CE0000891
Compatible Models:
Hitachi Universal V2 Rack Series
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item comes with set of 2 mounting brackets, screws! No other accessories!
Item Description

HP Minkels SPS-PDU.XP7 400V 32A 3680W IEC C13 IEC C19 Three Phase Power Distribution Unit P03628-001.

Input/Output Ports: 24x IEC C13, 6x IEC C19
Power Input: 400V max. 3x 32A 50Hz/60Hz
Power Output: 3x 3680W
Width: 0.84 im (52.2 mm)
Length: 62.32 in (1583 mm)
Type: Power Distribution Unit
Features: Set of 2 Mounting Brackets, 4 screws P/N: 08VF.HDS-02_1, Non-Intelligent, 4.5m cable

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