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Hp FX-XD301MYR-1 300W Psu 667893-001
We apologize but this item is currently unavailable. Please feel free to browse our website for other available items.
Item Code:
FX-XD301MYR-1 667893-001
Item Condition Description:
Please Note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description
HP FX-XD301MYR-1 Pavilion Desktop 300W Switching Power Supply Unit PSU 667893-001.

Bestec Model Number: FX-XD301MYR-1
HP Part Number: 667893-001


AC Input:
100-127V 8A
200-240V 4A ~ 50-60Hz

DC Output:
+3.3V / 12A
+5.08V / 13A
+12Va / 12A
+12Vb / 16A
+5.08Vsb / 2A

Max Output Power: 300W

Compatible Models: HP ENVY CTO H8-1500Z REFURB H8-1400T CTO REFURB H8-1420T CTO REFURB H8-1500T (FORMOSA) PC US H8-1500Z (ANGELICA2) PC US H8-1520T (FORMOSA) PC US H8-1520Z (ANGELICA2) PC US h8-1400t CTO Desktop PC h8-1400z CTO Desktop PC h8-1405tw PC TW h8-1410 Desktop PC h8-1410tw PC TW h8-1414 Desktop PC h8-1420a PC AUST h8-1420t CTO Desktop PC h8-1420z CTO Desktop PC h8-1425a PC AUST h8-1426a PC AUST h8-1427a PC AUST h8-1433l PC THAI h8-1435l PC THAI h8-1438l PC THAI h8-1440l PC THAI h8-1480d PC SING h8-1485d PC SING h8-1492d PC INDO h8-1545l PC THAI h8-1570d PC A/P h8-1575d PC A/P h8-1580d PC SING 500-009C 500-016 500-017C 500-018 500-023W 500-027C 500-037C 500-039 500-046 500-047C 500-054 500-056 500-059 500-070 500-075 500-089 500-090 500-097 500-098 CTO 500-000T CTO 500-000T REFURB CTO 500-010XT CTO 500-010XT REFURB CTO P6-2400T REFURB CTO P6-2420T REFURB CTO P7-1270T REFURB CTO P7-1280T REFURB CTO P7-1500T REFURB CTO P7-1500Z REFURB CTO P7-1520T REFURB HPE H8-1320T CTO REFURB HPE H8-1360T CTO REFURB P6-2176S P6-2200Z CTO REFURB P6-2220T CTO REFURB P6-2300T CTO REFURB P6-2320T CTO REFURB P6-2350 DESKTOP PC P6-2400T (JOSHUA) PC US P6-2419 P6-2420T (JOSHUA) PC US P6-2427C PC US P6-2429 P7-1370T CTO REFURB P7-1380T CTO REFURB P7-1400T CTO REFURB P7-1400Z CTO REFURB P7-1420T CTO REFURB P7-1421 P7-1459 P7-1500T (JOSHUA) PC US P7-1500Z (JASMINE) PC US P7-1510 PC US P7-1512 PC US P7-1515 PC US P7-1517C P7-1519C PC CAN/ENG P7-1520T (JOSHUA) PC P7-1529 P7-1534 P7-1539 P7-1549 P7-1587C PC US P7-1597C HP Pav 500-012la Desktop PC LA MERCO 500-020l Desktop PC A/P 500-023kl Desktop PC KOR 500-023kr Desktop PC KOR 500-025kl Desktop PC KOR 500-026kr Desktop PC KOR 500-030jp Desktop PC JPN2 500-050la Desktop PC LTNA 500-070jp Desktop PC JPN2 500-080tw Desktop PC TW 500-081tw Desktop PC TW 500-000a Desktop PC AUST 500-001a Desktop PC AUST 500-001la DT PC LTNA 500-002a Desktop PC AUST 500-003a Desktop PC AUST 500-003la DT PC LTNA 500-004a Desktop PC AUST 500-005a Desktop PC AUST 500-006a Desktop PC AUST 500-007a Desktop PC AUST 500-008a Desktop PC AUST 500-010jp Desktop PC JPN2 500-011l Desktop PC A/P 500-014d Desktop PC PHILI 500-015l Desktop PC A/P 500-024kl Desktop PC KOR 500-025l Desktop PC A/P 500-027kr DT PC KOR 500-032d Desktop PC PHILI 500-035d Desktop PC A/P 500-038d Desktop PC A/P 500-040jp DT (Joshua) PC 500-040l Desktop PC A/P 500-041l Desktop PC A/P 500-042l Desktop PC INDO 500-043l Desktop PC INDO 500-045la DT PC LTNA 500-061l Desktop PC SING 500-062l Desktop PC THAI 500-065l Desktop PC THAI 500-071l Desktop PC THAI 500-076l Desktop PC THAI 500-077d Desktop PC PHILI 500-083l Desktop PC THAI 500-094l Desktop PC THAI 500-095l Desktop PC THAI 500-250la DT PC LTNA HPE h8-1200z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1220t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1223 Desktop PC HPE h8-1230 PC HPE h8-1230z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1232 Desktop PC HPE h8-1234 PC HPE h8-1240t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1244 PC US HPE h8-1287c Desktop PC HPE h8-1300z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1318tw PC TW HPE h8-1320t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1323l PC THAI HPE h8-1325l PC THAI HPE h8-1328l PC THAI HPE h8-1330a PC AUST HPE h8-1330l PC THAI HPE h8-1330z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1335l PC THAI HPE h8-1338l PC THAI HPE h8-1340d PC A/P HPE h8-1340l PC THAI HPE h8-1360t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1371d PC SING HPE h8-1376d PC SING HPE h8-1390d PC PHILI HPE h8-1392d PC INDO p6-2110 Desktop PC p6-2112 Desktop PC p6-2116 Desktop PC p6-2117c Desktop PC p6-2119 Desktop PC p6-2120 Desktop PC p6-2125t CTO Desktop PC p6-2127c Desktop PC p6-2128 Desktop PC p6-2129la Desktop PC p6-2131jp PC JPN2 p6-2133la Desktop PC p6-2135la Desktop PC p6-2136 Desktop PC p6-2143w Desktop PC p6-2160la Desktop PC p6-2165la Desktop PC p6-2171jp PC JPN2 p6-2200z CTO Desktop PC p6-2203a PC AUST p6-2204a PC AUST p6-2208hk PC HK p6-2210jp AMD (Jasmine) JPN p6-2210kl PC KOR p6-2211l PC A/P p6-2212d PC PHILI p6-2213l PC A/P p6-2214d PC A/P p6-2215l PC A/P p6-2216d PC PHILI p6-2218d PC A/P p6-2220d PC PHILI p6-2220jp Intel (Joshua) 2C p6-2230kr PC KOR p6-2238hk PC HK p6-2241l PC A/P p6-2242l PC INDO p6-2262l PC THAI p6-2265l PC THAI p6-2268l PC THAI p6-2268tw PC TW p6-2269tw PC TW p6-2270jp PC JPN2 p6-2270kr PC KOR p6-2270l PC THAI p6-2271l PC THAI p6-2272l PC THAI p6-2273l PC THAI p6-2275l PC THAI p6-2276l PC A/P p6-2277d PC PHILI p6-2282l PC THAI p6-2283l PC THAI p6-2285l PC THAI p6-2292l PC THAI p6-2295l PC THAI p6-2300a PC AUST p6-2300t CTO Desktop PC p6-2301a PC AUST p6-2302a PC AUST p6-2302la Desktop PC p6-2303a PC AUST p6-2304a PC AUST p6-2305a PC AUST p6-2306a PC AUST p6-2307a PC AUST p6-2310 Desktop PC p6-2310jp PC JPN2 p6-2310jp PCAMD(Jasmine)JPN p6-2310l PC A/P p6-2311 Desktop PC p6-2311l PC A/P p6-2312d PC PHILI p6-2312l PC A/P p6-2313w Desktop PC p6-2314d PC PHILI p6-2314l PC A/P p6-2315l PC A/P p6-2315tw PC TW p6-2316l PC SING p6-2316s Desktop PC p6-2317c Desktop PC p6-2319 Desktop PC p6-2320jp PC Intel (Joshua) p6-2320t CTO Desktop PC p6-2320tw PC TW p6-2325tw PC TW p6-2326s Desktop PC p6-2326tw PC TW p6-2327c Desktop PC p6-2327tw PC TW p6-2328tw PC TW p6-2330 Desktop PC p6-2330jp PC JPN2 p6-2330kl PC KOR p6-2330tw PC TW p6-2331la PC LTNA p6-2335d PC A/P p6-2336d PC A/P p6-2337d PC A/P p6-2338d PC A/P p6-2340kr PC KOR p6-2341l PC A/P p6-2342l PC INDO p6-2343l PC INDO p6-2344l PC INDO p6-2350jp PC JPN2 p6-2350kr PC KOR p6-2350la Desktop PC p6-2351kl PC KOR p6-2352kl PC KOR p6-2355 Desktop PC p6-2361l PC THAI p6-2362l PC THAI p6-2365l PC THAI p6-2370jp PC JPN2 p6-2370kr PC KOR p6-2371l PC THAI p6-2373l PC THAI p6-2376 Desktop PC p6-2376l PC THAI p6-2377d PC PHILI p6-2378 Desktop PC p6-2383l PC THAI p6-2390 Desktop PC p6-2390jp PC JPN2 p6-2392l PC THAI p6-2393l PC THAI p6-2394l PC THAI p6-2395l PC THAI p6-2400tw PC TW p6-2405tw PC TW p6-2410a PC AUST p6-2410jp (Jasmine) PC p6-2411a PC AUST p6-2412a PC AUST p6-2413a PC AUST p6-2414a PC AUST p6-2415a PC AUST p6-2416a PC AUST p6-2416d PC PHILI p6-2417a PC AUST p6-2418a PC AUST p6-2420jp (Joshua) PC p6-2420l PC A/P p6-2425l PC A/P p6-2430jp PC JPN2 p6-2435l PC THAI p6-2440kl PC KOR p6-2440kr PC KOR p6-2460kr PC KOR p6-2462kr PC KOR p6-2470jp PC JPN2 p6-2470kr PC KOR p7-1204 Desktop PC p7-1206 Desktop PC p7-1216 Desktop PC p7-1218 Desktop PC p7-1221 Desktop PC p7-1227c Desktop PC p7-1232 Desktop PC p7-1233w Desktop PC p7-1235 Desktop PC p7-1236s Desktop PC p7-1240 Desktop PC p7-1241 Desktop PC p7-1243 Desktop PC p7-1244 PC US p7-1246s Desktop PC p7-1253 Desktop PC p7-1256c Desktop PC p7-1262 Desktop PC p7-1269c Desktop PC p7-1270t CTO Desktop PC p7-1275t CTO Desktop PC p7-1280t CTO Desktop PC p7-1285t CTO Desktop PC p7-1297c Desktop PC p7-1298c Desktop PC p7-1299c Desktop PC p7-1400t CTO Desktop PC p7-1400z CTO Desktop PC p7-1410 Desktop PC p7-1414 Desktop PC p7-1415 Desktop PC p7-1417c Desktop PC p7-1418 Desktop PC p7-1420t CTO Desktop PC p7-1423w Desktop PC p7-1430 Desktop PC p7-1430br Desktop PC p7-1436s Desktop PC p7-1439 Desktop PC p7-1443 Desktop PC p7-1446s Desktop PC p7-1447c Desktop PC p7-1449 Desktop PC p7-1451 Desktop PC p7-1455 Desktop PC p7-1456c Desktop PC p7-1467c Desktop PC p7-1490 Desktop PC
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