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Hp FH-ZD271MGF 270W Psu 633193-001
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Item Code:
FH-ZD271MGF 633193-001
Item Condition Description:
Please Note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description
HP FH-ZD271MGF Pavilion Slimline 270W Power Supply Unit PSU 633193-001.

Bestec Model Number: FH-ZD271MGF
HP Part Number: 633193-001


AC Input:
100-240V ~6A 50-60Hz

DC Output:
+3.3V / 16A
+5.08V / 15A
+12Va / 9A
+12Vb / 16A
-12V / 0.3A
+5.08Vsb / 2A

Max Output Power:

Compatible Models: HP Pav Slimline s5-1077kr KOR s5-1450jp Intel PC (Joshua) 400-010cx DT PC PRC 400-011cn DT PC PRC 400-011cx DT PC PRC 400-012cx DT PC PRC 400-015d DT PC A/P 400-015kr DT PC KOR 400-016kr DT PC KOR 400-017kr DT PC KOR 400-018cx DT PC PRC 400-018kr DT PC KOR 400-019cx DT PC PRC 400-020d DT PC INDO 400-020hk DT PC HK 400-020l DT PC INDO 400-021cn DT PC PRC 400-021cx DT PC PRC 400-023cx DT PC PRC 400-026cn DT PC PRC 400-026cx DT PC PRC 400-027cx DT PC PRC 400-030br DT PC BRZL 400-030d DT PC SING 400-030hk DT PC HK 400-031cn DT PC PRC 400-031cx DT PC PRC 400-035d DT PC SING 400-039cn DT PC PRC 400-040d DT PC A/P 400-040hk DT PC HK 400-040kr DT PC KOR 400-050br DT PC BRZL 400-050kr DT PC KOR 400-060d DT PC SING 400-068hk DT PC HK 400-078hk DT PC HK 400-098hk DT PC HK 400-210cx DT PC PRC 400-210hk DT PC HK 400-210kr DT PC KOR 400-210kx DT PC KOR 400-211cx DT PC PRC 400-213kr DT PC KOR 400-213kx DT PC KOR 400-214kr DT PC KOR 400-214kx DT PC KOR 400-215d DT PC A/P 400-215kr DT PC KOR 400-216kr DT PC KOR 400-217kx DT PC KOR 400-220d DT PC INDO 400-220hk DT PC HK 400-220jp (Memp-S) PC 400-220x DT PC INDO 400-221cx DT PC PRC 400-221kr DT PC KOR 400-222cx DT PC PRC 400-222kr DT PC KOR 400-223cx DT PC PRC 400-230hk DT PC HK 400-230kr DT PC KOR 400-231cx DT PC PRC 400-231kr DT PC KOR 400-232cx DT PC PRC 400-232kr DT PC KOR 400-233kr DT PC KOR 400-235d DT PC SING 400-235kr DT PC KOR 400-236cx DT PC PRC 400-237d DT PC SING 400-240hk DT PC HK 400-251cx DT PC PRC 400-265d DT PC SING 400-267hk DT PC HK 400-277hk DT PC HK 400-280hk DT PC HK 400-287hk DT PC HK 400-297hk DT PC HK 400-300kr DT PC KOR 400-301kr DT PC KOR 400-310cn DT PC PRC 400-310cx DT PC PRC 400-310kr DT PC KOR 400-311cn DT PC PRC 400-311cx DT PC PRC 400-312cx DT PC PRC 400-315cn DT PC PRC 400-315d DT PC A/P 400-320hk DT PC HK 400-320jp (Memp-S) PC 400-321cn DT PC PRC 400-321cx DT PC PRC 400-322cx DT PC PRC 400-325d DT PC INDO 400-326cn DT PC PRC 400-326cx DT PC PRC 400-326x DT PC INDO 400-330hk DT PC HK 400-330kr DT PC KOR 400-332cx DT PC PRC 400-335d DT PC SING 400-336d DT PC SING 400-337d DT PC SING 400-340hk DT PC HK 400-345hk DT PC HK 400-350kr DT PC KOR 400-351cx DT PC PRC 400-351kr DT PC KOR 400-367hk DT PC HK 400-368hk DT PC HK 400-370kr DT PC KOR 400-387hk DT PC HK 400-388hk DT PC HK 400-397hk DT PC HK 400-399hk DT PC HK s5-1027kr PC KOR s5-1030jp (Alvorix)2C11 s5-1037kr PC KOR s5-1080kr PC KOR s5-1110d PC SING s5-1110kr PC KOR s5-1115kr PC KOR s5-1120d PC INDO s5-1122d PC THAI s5-1127kr PC KOR s5-1137kr PC KOR s5-1140d PC SING s5-1147d PC A/P s5-1148hk PC HK s5-1150d PC SING s5-1150kr PC KOR s5-1160kr PC KOR s5-1168hk PC HK s5-1177kr PC KOR s5-1188hk PC HK s5-1200kr PC KOR s5-1208hk PC HK s5-1210kr PC KOR s5-1218hk PC HK s5-1226kr PC KOR s5-1227kr PC KOR s5-1228hk PC HK s5-1230kr PC KOR s5-1237kr PC KOR s5-1238hk PC HK s5-1240d PC A/P s5-1245d PC A/P s5-1246d PC A/P s5-1248hk PC HK s5-1250d PC A/P s5-1250kr PC KOR s5-1257hk PC HK s5-1257kr PC KOR s5-1258hk PC HK s5-1259hk PC HK s5-1260kr PC KOR s5-1267kr PC KOR s5-1308hk PC HK s5-1310kr PC KOR s5-1311cx PC PRC s5-1313cn PC PRC s5-1314cx PC PRC s5-1318hk PC HK s5-1320cx PC PRC s5-1320d PC INDO s5-1320l PC INDO s5-1321cx PC PRC s5-1326cn PC PRC s5-1327kr PC KOR s5-1328hk PC HK s5-1330kr PC KOR s5-1333cn PC PRC s5-1336cn PC PRC s5-1337cn PC PRC s5-1338hk PC HK s5-1341d PC SING s5-1347cn PC PRC s5-1348hk PC HK s5-1350kr PC KOR s5-1351d PC SING s5-1356kr PC KOR s5-1358hk PC HK s5-1368hk PC HK s5-1370kr PC KOR s5-1388hk PC HK s5-1400cx PC PRC s5-1400kr PC KOR s5-1403cx PC PRC s5-1406cn PC PRC s5-1408hk PC HK s5-1410kr PC KOR s5-1418hk PC HK s5-1420cx PC PRC s5-1420d PC INDO s5-1421d PC INDO s5-1427kr PC KOR s5-1428hk PC HK s5-1430d PC SING s5-1430kr PC KOR s5-1435d PC SING s5-1437kr PC KOR s5-1438hk PC HK s5-1440d PC A/P s5-1440kr PC KOR s5-1445l PC A/P s5-1448hk PC HK s5-1449d PC A/P s5-1450d PC SING s5-1450kr PC KOR s5-1451d PC A/P s5-1457kr PC KOR s5-1458hk PC HK s5-1460d PC SING s5-1460kr PC KOR s5-1468hk PC HK s5-1470kr PC KOR s5-1488hk PC HK s5-1498hk PC HK s5-1500cn PC PRC s5-1500cx PC PRC s5-1500tw PC TW s5-1508hk PC HK s5-1510cn PC PRC s5-1515d PC A/P s5-1517cx PC PRC s5-1518hk PC HK s5-1520cn PC PRC s5-1520cx PC PRC s5-1520l PC INDO s5-1523cn PC PRC s5-1526cn PC PRC s5-1530cn PC PRC s5-1537cn PC PRC s5-1537cx PC PRC s5-1548hk PC HK s5-1550kr PC KOR s5-1557kr PC KOR s5-1558hk PC HK s5-1568hk PC HK HP Pav Slimlline s5-1268hk PC HK s5-1050jp (Cleveland)2C11 s5-1250jp Intel (Cupertino2)1CJPN s5-1270jp Intel (Joshua) PC s5-1578hk PC HK s5-1598hk PC HK 400-020jp (Joshua)PC s5-1550jp (Joshua) PC 400-120jp (Memp) PC s5-1000kl PC KOR s5-1010d PC SING s5-1020d PC A/P s5-1022d PC THAI s5-1050br Desktop PC s5-1050kr PC KOR s5-1060 Desktop PC s5-1060kr PC KOR s5-1068hk PC HK s5-1088hk PC HK s5-1090kr PC KOR s5-1115br Desktop PC s5-1120br Desktop PC s5-1130kr PC KOR s5-1138hk PC HK s5-1150br Desktop PC s5-1160 Desktop PC s5-1210br Desktop PC s5-1220br Desktop PC s5-1260 Desktop PC s5-1288hk PC HK s5-1310cx PC PRC s5-1325d PC SING s5-1350br Desktop PC s5-1398hk PC HK s5-1410br Desktop PC s5-1445br Desktop PC s5-1450br Desktop PC s5-1523cx PC PRC s5-1130jp AMD (Hibiscus) 3C s5-1150jp Intel (Chicago) 3C s5-1350jp Intel (Joshua) 2C Series
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