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Hp Envy 15-DR Cpu Heatsink L53539-001
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Item Code:
Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
460.0GB01.0001 460.GB010.0111
Compatible Models:
HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-DR0XXX 15-DR1XXX 15-DR1022NR 15-DR0008CA 15-DR0013NR 15-DR0090CA 15-DR1008CA 15-DR1010CA 15-DR1010NR 15-DR1020CA 15-DR1021NR 15-DR1058MS 15-DR1066NR 15-DR1070WM 15-DR1072MS 15-DR1076NR 15-DR1679CL 15-DR1023NR 15M-DR0011DX 15M-DR0012DX 15M-DR1011DX 15M-DR1012DX 15-DR1002LA 15-DR0000TU 15-DR0001TU 15-DR0002TU 15-DR0003TU 15-DR0003LA 15-DR0004TU 15-DR0005TU 15-DR0006TU 15-DR0007TU 15-DR0008TU 15-DR0009TU 15-DR0010TU 15-DR0011TU 15-DR0012TU 15-DR0013TU 15-DR0014TU 15-DR0015TU 15-DR1000TU 15-DR1001TU 15-DR1002TU 15-DR1003TU 15-DR1004TU 15-DR1005TU 15-DR1006TU 15-DR1007TU 15-DR1008TU 15-DR1009TU 15-DR1010TU 15-DR1011TU 15-DR1012TU 15-DR1013TU 15-DR1014TU 15-DR1015TU 15-DR1016TU 15-DR1017TU 15-DR1018TU 15-DR1019TU 15-DR1020TU 15-DR1022TU 15-DR1023TU 15-DR1025TU 15-DR1026TU 15-DR1027TU 15-DR1028TU 15-DR1029TU 15-DR1030TU 15-DR1031TU 15-DR1032TU 15-DR1033TU 15T-DR000 15T-DR100 Series
Item Description

HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-DR 15T-DR Series Laptop Thermal CPU Cooling Heatsink L53539-001.

Type: CPU Heatsink

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