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Hp DV9000 Ltp Optical Drive 455758-001
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HP Pavilion DV9899XX DV9500T DV9700T DV9825NR DV9830US DV9843CL DV9854CA DV9858CA DV9700 DV9701XX DV9737EF DV9739EF DV9743TX DV9744TX DV9745TX DV9746TX DV9747TX DV9748TX DV9750EP DV9750EV DV9766EZ DV9770EL DV9790EG DV9790ES DV9790EW DV9802TX DV9803TX DV9805TX DV9807TX DV9808TX DV9810TX DV9812TX DV9813TX DV9814TX DV9815TX DV9816TX DV9817TX DV9818TX DV9819TX DV9820EL DV9820EN DV9820TX DV9830EF DV9830EL DV9842EO DV9845EO DV9848EO DV9849EF DV9849EM DV9850EB DV9850EL DV9850EO DV9850ER DV9858EZ DV9860EB DV9860ER DV9860EZ DV9865EG DV9865EK DV9868EG DV9870EB DV9870EF DV9880EA DV9880ED DV9880EE DV9880EG DV9880EO DV9885EA DV9885EB DV9885EO DV988EZ DV9890EA DV9890ED DV9890EF DV9890EG DV9890EL DV9890EP DV9890ES Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion DV9000 Series Toshiba TS-L802A DVD±RW +R DL DVD-RAM Internal Laptop Optical Drive Bezel Assembly 455758-001.

Rotation Speed: HD DVD-ROM: 1x DVD-ROM: 8x DVD-RAM: 3x CD-ROM: 24x
Storage Interface: DVD±RW +R DL DVD-RAM IDE
Cache: 2 MB
Form Factor: 5.25" x 1/6H Slim Line
Type: Laptop Optical Drive

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