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Hp DV6 Intel Wireless Card 670290-00
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685D434DBC64 685D434DBC68
Compatible Models:
HP ENVY 14-K010US 14-K027CL 14-K002LA 14-K004LA 14-K006LA 14-K008TX 14-K009TU 14-K010TU 14-K010LA 14-K012LA 14-K014TU 14-K019TX 14-K040TX 14-K041TX 15-J030US 15-J054CA 15-J058CA 15-J059NR 15-J092NR 15-J002LA 15-J003LA 15-J004TX 15-J004LA 15-J010TX 15-J012TX 15-J013TX 15-J016TX 15-J022TX 15-J028TX 15-J030TX 15-J034TX 15-J037TX 15-J050TX 17-J003XX 17-J010US 17-J013CL 17-J020US 17-J021NR 17-J029NR 17-J034CA 17-J044CA 17-J057CL 17-J070CA 17-J073CA 17-J083CA 17-J092NR 17-J001TX 17-J002TX 17-J003TX 17-J004TX 17-J005TX 17-J006TX 17-J008TX 17-J009TX 17-J010TX DV4-5202TX DV4-5203TX DV4-5216ET DV4T-5200 DV4T-5300 DV6-7250CA DV6-7295CA DV6-7373CA DV6-7398CA DV6T-7200 DV6T-7300 DV7-7250US DV7-7251NR DV7-7270CA DV7-7273CA DV7-7278CA DV7-7292NR DV7-7298CA DV7-7323CL DV7-7358CA DV7-7373CA DV7-7398CA DV7T-7200 DV7T-7300 M6-1105TX M6-1106TX M6-1108TX M6-1158CA 15T-J000 17T-J000 14-K001XX 14-K020US 14-K074CA 14T-K000 15-J003XX 15-J040US 15-J050US 15-J051NR 15-J053CL 15-J073CA 15-J078CA 15-J080US 17-J023CL 17-J030US 17-J037CL 17-J041NR M6-K001XX M6-K015DX M6-K025DX M6-K054CA M6-K058CA M7-J003XX M7-J010DX M7-J020DX M7-J078CA 14-K006TX 14-K007TX 14-K013TXTS 14-K020TXTS 14-K021TXTS 14-K022TXTS 14-K023TXTS 14-K031TXTS 14-K032TXTS 14-K033TUTS 14-K042TX 15-J001TU 15-J002TU 15-J002TX 15-J003TX 15-J004TU 15-J005TX 15-J006TX 15-J007TX 15-J011TX 15-J014TX 15-J017TX 15-J019TX 15-J020TX 15-J021TX 15-J035TX 15-J036TX DV4-5203TU DV4-5206TX DV4-5211TX DV4-5213CL DV4-5217TX DV4-5220US DV4-5264LA DV4-5266LA DV4-5302TU DV4-5307TX DV4-5313TX DV4-5319TX DV4T-5300 DV6-7202TU DV6-7203TU DV6-7210TX DV6-7211TX DV6-7212TX DV6-7213TX DV6-7217TX DV6-7218TX DV6-7219TX DV6-7220TX DV6-7221TX DV6-7221NR DV6-7222TX DV6-7223TX DV6-7273CA DV6-7280LA DV6-7301TU DV6-7303TU DV6-7304TX DV6-7305TX DV6-7306TX DV6-7307TX DV6-7308TX DV6-7309TX DV6-7311TX DV6-7312TX DV6-7313TX DV6-7314TX DV6-7317TX DV6-7318TX DV6-7319TX DV6-7331NR DV6-7380LA DV6-7382LA DV7-7201TX DV7-7203TX DV7-7204TX DV7-7206TX DV7-7207TX DV7-7208TX DV7-7210TX DV7-7211TX DV7-7240US DV7-7243CL DV7-7254NR DV7-7259NR DV7-7301TX DV7-7302TX DV7-7303TX DV7-7307TX M4-1050LA M4-1150LA M6-1111TX M6-1112TX M6-1114TX M6-1115TX M6-1118TX M6-1119TX M6-1120TX M6-1160LA M6-1162LA M6-1201TU M6-1202TX M6-1211TX M6-1212TX M6-1107TX 17-J006ER DV6-7227SA DV7-7267ER M6-1178EA; Pavilion DV4-5019TX 15T-E000 DM4-3101TX DM4-3103TX DM4-3104TX DM4-3105TX DM4-3106TX DM4-3109TX DM4-3112TX DM4-3113TX DM4-3115TX DM4-3116TX DM4-3117TX DM4-3118TX DM4-3170SE DM4-3177NR DM4-3180LA DM4-3182LA DV4-5101TU DV4-5102TU DV4-5001TX DV4-5002TX DV4-5007TU DV4-5010TX DV4-5011TX DV4-5014TX DV4-5015TX DV4-5016TX DV4-5060LA DV4-5103TU DV4-5106TX DV4-5110TX DV4-5110US DV4-5111TX DV4-5113CL DV4-5114TX DV4-5116TX DV4-5117TX DV4-5118TX DV4-5162LA DV4-5164LA DV4-5218ET DV4T-5100 DV6-7003TX DV6-7003XX DV6-7004TX DV6-7005TX DV6-7006TX DV6-7007TX DV6-7008TX DV6-7009TX DV6-7015CA DV6-7016TX DV6-7017TX DV6-7018TX DV6-7019TX DV6-7020TX DV6-7021TX DV6-7022TX DV6-7024TX DV6-7025TX DV6-7026TX DV6-7027TX DV6-7033TX DV6-7034TX DV6-7036TX DV6-7037TX DV6-7038TX DV6-7041TX DV6-7043CL DV6-7044TX DV6-7050CA DV6-7073CA DV6-7078CA DV6-7084LA DV6-7086LA DV6-7095CA DV6-7137NR DV6T-7000 DV6T-7000 DV7-7001TX DV7-7002TX DV7-7003TX DV7-7004TX DV7-7005TX DV7-7006TX DV7-7007TX DV7-7010TX DV7-7011TX DV7-7012TX DV7-7015CA DV7-7020US DV7-7030US DV7-7070CA DV7-7073CA DV7-7126NR DV7-7128NR DV7T-7000 DV7T-7000 DV7T-7000 G4-2001TU G4-2004TX G4-2005TX G4-2006TX G4-2007TX G4-2008TX G4-2011TX G4-2030TX G4-2101TU G4-2102TU G4-2108TX G4-2109TU G4-2109TX G4-2110TU G4-2111TX G4-2201TU G4-2202TU G4-2203TU G4-2203TX G4-2204TU G4-2204TX G6-2020TX G6-2021TX G6-2022TX G6-2050CA G6-2058CA G6-2073CA G6-2090CA G6-2121TU G6-2123TX G6-2124TX G6-2201TU G6-2201TX G6-2202TU G6-2233CA G6-2235CA G6-2253CA G6-2254CA G6-2259CA G6-2290CA G6-2293CA G6T-2000 G6T-2200 G6T-2300 G7-2002XX G7-2030CA G7-2033CA G7-2054CA G7-2234CA G7-2254CA G7-2273CA G7-2373CA M6-1002XX M6-1004TX M6-1005TX M6-1006TX M6-1007TX M6-1008TX M6-1011TX M6-1014TX M6-1015TX M6-1016TX M6-1017TX M6-1018TX M6-1019TX M6-1045DX M6-1054CA M6-1058CA M6T-1000 M7-1078CA 14-E016TU 14-E036TX 14-E038TX 14-E039TX 14-E043TX 14-E044TX 15-E008TX 15-E013TX 15-E019TU 15-E020TX 15-E022TU 15-E023TU 15-E031TX 15-E051TX 15-E054TX DV4-5105TU DV4-5123TX DV6-7101TX DV6-7003TU DV6-7046TX G4-2207TU G4-2213TX G6-1207SA G6-2126TU G6-2147TX G6-2212TX G6-2213TX G6-2217TU G6-2218TU G6-2223TX G6-2224TX G6-2225TX G6-2226TX G6-2227TX G6-2231TU G6-2233TU G6-2234TU G6-2235TU G6-2236TU G6-2310TX G6-2328TU G6-2329TU G6-2330TU G6-2332TU G6-2333TU G6-2336TX G6-2339NR M6-1021TX M6-1022TX Series
Item Description

HP ENVY 14-K 15-J 17-J DV4 DV6 DV7 Series Laptop Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230BNHMW WiFi Bluetooth Half-Mini PCI-Express Wireless Card 670290-001.

Network/Communications: 802.11 b/g/n
Interface: Half-Mini PCI-Express
Type: Wireless Card

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