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Hp DV6-6000 Palmrest 665359-001 No Kb
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Compatible Part Numbers:
668479-001 6M.4RICS.002
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion DV6-6103TX DV6-6105TU DV6-6107TU DV6-6125TX DV6-6127TX DV6-6128TU DV6-6131TX DV6-6132TX DV6-6133TX DV6-6135CA DV6-6144TX DV6-6149TX DV6-6150TX DV6-6156TX DV6-6167TX DV6-6170LA DV6-6170TX DV6-6180TX DV6-6186TX DV6-6187TX DV6-6B05TU DV6-6B14TX DV6-6B17TX DV6-6C15TX DV6-6C34TX DV6-6C45TX DV6-6C50TX DV6T-6000 DV6T-6B00 DV6T-6C00 DV6Z-6100 DV6Z-6B00 DV6Z-6C00 DV6T-6100NO DV6Z-6100NO DV6-6138SO Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6T-6000 DV6Z-6000 Series Laptop White Top Cover Palmrest Touchpad Assembly 665359-001.

Touchpad/Pointing Device: Yes, P/N: TM1680 920-001857-01
Color: White
Type: Palmrest Touchpad Assembly

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