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Hp DPS-460DB-5 A 460W Psu 633187-002
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Item Code:
DPS-460DB-5 A 633187-002
Item Condition Description:
Please Note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description
HP DPS-460DB-5 A Envy Pavilion Desktop 460W Switching Power Supply Unit PSU 633187-002.

Delta Electronics Model Number: DPS-460DB-5 A
HP Part Number: 633187-002


100-240V ~/ 8A, 50-60Hz

DC Output:
+12Va / 15A
+12Vb / 18A
+12Vc / 10A
+5.08V / 15A
+3.3V / 14A
+5.08Vsb / 2A
-12V / .03A

Max Output Power: 460W

Compatible Models: HP ENVY 700-000ec Desktop PC CZECH-SL 700-000el Desktop PC ITL 700-000eq Desktop PC ROM 700-000es Desktop PC SP 700-000eu Desktop PC ADR 700-000fb Desktop PC BULG 700-001eg Desktop PC GR 700-001ep Desktop PC PORT 700-001er Desktop PC RUSS 700-005eg Desktop PC GR 700-005eo Desktop PC NRL 700-009eb Desktop PC EUROA4 700-010ed Desktop PC NL 700-010ek Desktop PC AFRC-F 700-010eo Desktop PC NRL 700-010ex Desktop PC SAU 700-012kr DT PC KOR 700-014eb Desktop PC EUROA4 700-014eg Desktop PC GR 700-015eg Desktop PC GR 700-019 700-020ed Desktop PC NL 700-020ef Desktop PC FR 700-020es Desktop PC SP 700-021eo Desktop PC NRL 700-025eg Desktop PC GR 700-029eb Desktop PC EUROA4 700-030ez Desktop PC SWIS2 700-035eg Desktop PC GR 700-037ez Desktop PC SWIS2 700-038d Desktop PC THAI 700-040d Desktop PC THAI 700-040ez Desktop PC SWIS2 700-045eg Desktop PC GR 700-047C 700-049 700-050ef Desktop PC FR 700-059C 700-060 700-060ea Desktop PC UK 700-060eo DT PC NRL 700-074 700-090eg DesktopPC GR 700-100ec DT PC CZECH-SK 700-100er DT PC RUSS 700-106eo DT PC NRL 700-107eo DT PC NRL 700-109C 700-110ed DT PC NL 700-110es DT PC SP 700-112eb DT PC EUROA4 700-113kr Desktop PC KOR 700-120ef Desktop PC FR 700-130el Desktop PC ITL 700-149 700-150 700-150ef Desktop PC FR 700-155ef DT PC FR 700-159 700-160eo DT PC NRL 700-165eg DT PC GR 700-168eg DT PC GR 700-172eg DT PC GR 700-175ef DT PC FR 700-209 700-209eb DT PC EUROA4 700-211kr DT PC KOR 700-212eb DT PC EUROA4 700-212kr DT PC KOR 700-214 700-220ef DT PC FR 700-229C 700-230ea DT PC UK 700-231kr DT PC KOR 700-238d DT PC THAI 700-240d DT PC THAI 700-250ef DT PC FR 700-260jp DT (Kaili) PC CTO 700-000T CTO 700-000Z CTO 700-010XT CTO 700-030QE CTO H8-1500T REFURB CTO H8-1540T REFURB H8-1400Z CTO REFURB H8-1440T CTO REFURB H8-1500T (FORMOSA) PC US H8-1500Z (ANGELICA2) PC US H8-1503 H8-1513C PC H8-1520T (FORMOSA) PC US H8-1520Z (ANGELICA2) PC US H8-1534 PC US H8-1540T (PITTSBURGH2) PC US H8-1549 H8-1559 H8-1569 h8-1207eo PC NRL h8-1219eg PC GR h8-1400d PC A/P h8-1400ef PC FR h8-1400el PC ITL h8-1400en PC RUSS h8-1400epPC PORT h8-1400eq PC ROM h8-1400er PC RUSS h8-1400et PC TURK h8-1400eu PC ADR h8-1400ew PC POL h8-1400ex PC SAU h8-1400fb PC BULG h8-1400t CTO Desktop PC h8-1400z CTO Desktop PC h8-1401ec PC CZECH-SL h8-1401es PC SP h8-1402es PC SP h8-1403 Desktop PC h8-1403el PC ITL h8-1403es PC SP h8-1405ef PC FR h8-1408ef PC FR h8-1409 Desktop PC h8-1409eb PC BEL/FD h8-1410eb PC EUROA4 h8-1410ed PC NL h8-1410ef PC FR h8-1410eo PC NRL h8-1413c Desktop PC h8-1414eb PC BEL/FD h8-1417c Desktop PC h8-1418 Desktop PC h8-1419 Desktop PC h8-1420ed PC NL h8-1420ef PC FR h8-1420eg PC GR h8-1420ez PC SWIS2 h8-1420t CTO Desktop PC h8-1420z CTO Desktop PC h8-1421ef PC FR h8-1423 Desktop PC h8-1425ef PC FR h8-1425eg PC GR h8-1425ez PC SWIS2 h8-1427 Desktop PC h8-1430 Desktop PC h8-1430eg PC GR h8-1435 Desktop PC h8-1437c Desktop PC h8-1440eg PC GR h8-1440eo PC NRL h8-1440t CTO Desktop PC h8-1441eo PC NRL h8-1443eg PC GR h8-1443eo PC NRL h8-1444eo PC NRL h8-1445 Desktop PC h8-1447ez PC SWIS2 h8-1447kr PC KOR h8-1450 Desktop PC h8-1451eg PC GR h8-1455 Desktop PC h8-1485ea PC UK h8-1500ej PC HE h8-1500ep PC PORT h8-1500er PC RUSS h8-1500et PC TURK h8-1501ec PC CZECH-SL h8-1502el PC ITL h8-1502es PC SP h8-1504ef PC FR h8-1505ef PC FR h8-1508ef PC FR h8-1509eb PC EUROA4 h8-1510ed PC NL h8-1510ef PC FR h8-1510eg PC GR h8-1510eo PC NRL h8-1510eq PC ROM h8-1510eu PC ADR h8-1511eo PC NRL h8-1512eb PC EUROA4 h8-1513ef PC FR h8-1514ef PC FR h8-1514eo PC NRL h8-1515eo PC NRL h8-1516ef PC FR h8-1518ef PC FR h8-1520ed PC NL h8-1520ef PC FR h8-1520eg PC GR h8-1525eg PC GR h8-1528ef PC FR h8-1530ex PC SAU h8-1534ef PC FR h8-1535ef PC FR h8-1540ef PC FR h8-1540eg PC GR h8-1550ef PC FR h8-1550ez PC SWIS2 h8-1560ef PC FR h8-1560ez PC SWIS2 h8-1565eg PC GR h8-1570ef PC FR h8-1574ez PC SWIS2 h8-1585ef PC FR h8-1585eg PC GR h8-1585ez PC SWIS2 h8-1590ea PC UK h8-1590ef PC FR 700-060jp DT (Kaili) PC HPE h8-1240 PC HPE h8-1000ru PC RUSS HPE h8-1215eo PC NRL HPE h8-1302el PC ITL HPE h8-1000cs PC CZECH HPE h8-1000sa PC SAU HPE h8-1001ru PC RUSS HPE h8-1002ru PC RUSS HPE h8-1003ru PC RUSS HPE h8-1005tr PC TURK HPE h8-1010be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1010ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1010cs PC CZECH HPE h8-1010es PC SP HPE h8-1010it PC ITL HPE h8-1010me PC ARAB HPE h8-1010nl PC NL HPE h8-1010pt PC PORT HPE h8-1011it PC ITL HPE h8-1011nl PC NL HPE h8-1012it PC ITL HPE h8-1020at PC ATR HPE h8-1020es PC SP HPE h8-1020nl PC NL HPE h8-1020uk PC UK HPE h8-1021de PC GR HPE h8-1021fr PC FR HPE h8-1023de PC GR HPE h8-1024ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1025de PC GR HPE h8-1025kr PC KOR HPE h8-1030be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1030d PC THAI HPE h8-1030es PC SP HPE h8-1030nl PC NL HPE h8-1031de PC GR HPE h8-1031nl PC NL HPE h8-1032de PC GR HPE h8-1034de PC GR HPE h8-1036de PC GR HPE h8-1037kr PC KOR HPE h8-1038hk PC HK HPE h8-1040ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1040fr PC FR HPE h8-1050be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1050fr PC FR HPE h8-1055sc PC NRL HPE h8-1055tr PC TURK HPE h8-1056sc PC NRL HPE h8-1060ad PC ADR HPE h8-1060sc PC NRL HPE h8-1061sc PC NRL HPE h8-1062sc PC NRL HPE h8-1068hk PC HK HPE h8-1070d PC INDO HPE h8-1070sc PC NRL HPE h8-1070t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1070uk PC UK HPE h8-1075cn PC PRC HPE h8-1075uk PC UK HPE h8-1078d P SING HPE h8-1080fr PC FR HPE h8-1080sc PC NRL HPE h8-1080t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1088d PC SING HPE h8-1088tw PC TW HPE h8-1090d PC A/P HPE h8-1090t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1098hk PC HK HPE h8-1100be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1100es PC SP HPE h8-1100fr PC FR HPE h8-1100it PC ITL HPE h8-1100kr PC KOR HPE h8-1100nl PC NL HPE h8-1100ru PC RUSS HPE h8-1100tr PC TURK HPE h8-1101nl PC NL HPE h8-1101pt PC PORT HPE h8-1102fr PC FR HPE h8-1102nl PC NL HPE h8-1102pt PC PORT HPE h8-1103ad PC ADR HPE h8-1103fr PC FR HPE h8-1103nl PC NL HPE h8-1104ad PC ADR HPE h8-1104nl PC NL HPE h8-1110be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1110ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1110es PC SP HPE h8-1110me PC ARAB HPE h8-1110sc PC NRL HPE h8-1111sc PC NRL HPE h8-1112be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1120be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1120es PC SP HPE h8-1120fr PC FR HPE h8-1120it PC ITL HPE h8-1120sc PC NRL HPE h8-1121fr PC FR HPE h8-1122sc PC NRL HPE h8-1124ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1125sc PC NRL HPE h8-1130be PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1130d PC THAI HPE h8-1130fr PC FR HPE h8-1130sc PC NRL HPE h8-1131sc PC NRL HPE h8-1132de PC GR HPE h8-1132sc PC NRL HPE h8-1133de PC GR HPE h8-1134de PC GR HPE h8-1140ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1140fr PC FR HPE h8-1140sc PC NRL HPE h8-1141ch PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1141fr PC FR HPE h8-1141it PC ITL HPE h8-1143sa PC SAU HPE h8-1145l PC A/P HPE h8-1145sc PC NRL HPE h8-1150sc PC NRL HPE h8-1150uk PC UK HPE h8-1151it PC ITL HPE h8-1151sc PC NRL HPE h8-1152it PC ITL HPE h8-1170uk PC UK HPE h8-1171sa PC SAU HPE h8-1182d PC SING HPE h8-1200eb PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1200eg PC GR HPE h8-1200ej PC HE HPE h8-1200ep PC PORT HPE h8-1200es PC SP HPE h8-1200et PC TURK HPE h8-1200z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1201ed PC NL HPE h8-1201er PC RUSS HPE h8-1201es PC SP HPE h8-1201eu PC ADR HPE h8-1202er PC RUSS HPE h8-1203 Desktop PC HPE h8-1203ed PC NL HPE h8-1205 Desktop PC HPE h8-1205eo PC NRL HPE h8-1206el PC ITL HPE h8-1206eo PC NRL HPE h8-1209el PC ITL HPE h8-1210eb PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1210ef PC FR HPE h8-1210t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1212 Desktop PC HPE h8-1213c Desktop PC HPE h8-1216eo PC NRL HPE h8-1219eo PC NRL HPE h8-1220eb PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1220ef PC FR HPE h8-1220eo PC NRL HPE h8-1220ez PC SWIS2 HPE h8-1220t CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1221 Desktop PC HPE h8-1221eg PC GR HPE h8-1227 Desktop PC HPE h8-1230eg PC GR HPE h8-1230z CTO Desktop PC HPE h8-1233 Desktop PC HPE h8-1237kr PC KOR HPE h8-1239 Desktop PC HPE h8-1240eb PC EUROA4 HPE h8-1240ef PC FR HPE h8-1240t CTO Desktop PC

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