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Hp Crossfire Gl Socket A PGA462 Mboard
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HP / Compaq Crossfire GL Socket A PGA462 Motherboard. HP / Compaq Motherboard Raises The Bar Of PC Industry And Deliver A Full-value, High-performance Solution For Today's Most Demanding Tasks.

Compatible with HP / Compaq Models:

325c, a287x DM178AR, a287x DM178A, a288n DQ092AR, a288n DQ092A, a210t DK377A, a210m DF294A, a207m DT255A, a205v DN105A, a200t DK376A, a200m DK375A, a324x DQ041AR, a324x DQ041A, a310t DM155A, a310m DM149A, a308d DN066A, t220m DF296A, t220t DK378A, Presario S4010LA DK202A, Presario S4010LS DK381A, Presario S4020WM DK214AR, Presario S4020WM DK214A, Presario S4220NX DK396AR, Presario S4220NX DK396A, Presario S5000CL DN024AR, Presario S5000CL DN024A, Presario S5000J CTO P8656S, Presario S5010AN DN039AR, Presario S5010AN DN039A, Presario S5010AN DN039R, Presario S5010IL DN058A, Presario S5020AN DN040A, Presario S5020AN DN040R, Presario S5030AN DN089A, Presario S5030AN DN089R, Presario S5030NX DN000AR, Presario S5030NX DN000A, Presario S5080AP DN154A, Presario S5140WM DM197AR, Presario S5140WM DM197A, Presario S5314ST DT070AR, Presario S5314ST DT070A

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Motherboard descriptionManufacturer's name - MS-6390
HP/Compaq name - Crossfire-GL
Motherboard supplierMSI
System BIOS supplierMSI/AWARD
Form factoruATX
Processor brandAMD
Processor socket typeSocket A (PGA462)
Processor familyAthlon, AthlonXP, Duron
Processor FSB frequencyAdvanced 266/200MHz
Chipset nameKM266
Chipset "North Bridge"KM266
Chipset "South Bridge"8235
Super I/O and revisionWinbond, rev. W83697HF
Flash BIOS deviceXbus 2 Mb
Memory typeDDR
Memory speedPC2100/PC1600
Memory socketsTwo DDR DIMMs (184-pin)
Maximum memory1 GB
Graphics supplierVIA-S3
Graphics configurationUp/Down
Onboard graphics memoryUMA 32 MB
Graphics connectorAGP 4X
TV-out deviceNo
TV-out configurationNo
AudioAC'97 Down
AC'97 CODEC deviceRealtek ALC650
Audio jacksMicrophone, Line-in, Line-Out, MIDI/Game
External audio connectorsNo
Ethernet 10/100 LAN supplierVIA VT6103
Ethernet configurationIntegrated, Down
IDE UDMA modesATA-133/100/66/33
Expansion slotsAGP, Three PCI
USB portsSix USB 2.0
USB Front/Back optionsTwo front+Four back
External portsOne serial, One parallel, One floppy, One PS/2 keyboard, One PS/2 mouse


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