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Hp Compaq NC8000 NW8000 417064-001 Dvdrw
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Item Code:
DVR-K16LA 404011-CC0
Item Description

Online Special New HP Compaq DVDRW optical drive 417064-001 DVR-K16LA DVDRW optical drive - 8X speed, Super Multi dual format, double layer, 12.7mm, parallel ATA - With pre-attached front bezel.

Part numbers: 417064-001 UJ-850 DVR-K16LA 404011-CC0


Burner Type: DVD-RAM
Storage Type: Disk Drive
Read Speed: 24x (CD), 8x (DVD)
Write Speed: 24x (CD), 8x (DVD+R), 8x (DVD-R), 2x (DVD+R DL), 2.4x (DVD-R DL)
ReWrite Speed: 16x (CD-RW), 4x (DVD+RW), 4x (DVD-RW)
Enclosure Type: Plug-In Module (Laptop)

Compatible with :

Compaq Presario V3000 Series Notebook PC RB767PAR, RB767PA, RB768PAR, RB768PA, RD545PAR, RD545PA, RD546PAR, RD546PA, RD604PA, RD605PA, RD606PA, RD607PAR, RD607PA, RD608PAR, RD608PA, RD609PA, RD619PA, RD620PA, RD906PA, RD958PA Compaq Presario V3017LA Notebook PC RD126LAR, RD126LA Compaq Presario V3018TU Notebook PC EQ787AV, EQ969AVR, EQ969AV, ES826AV, ES827AV, ES892AVR, ES892AV, EZ674UAR, EZ674UA, EZ675UAR, EZ675UA, EZ678UAR, EZ678UA, EZ680UAR, EZ680UA, EZ681UAR, EZ681UA, RA702AS, RB709PA, RB710PA, RB711PA, RB712PA, RB713PA, RB714PA, RB748PA, RB751PAR, RB751PA, RB771PAR, RB771PA, RB772PA, RD153AVR, RD153AV, RD473PA, RD482PA, RD483PAR, RD483PA, RD574PA, RD577PA, RE162PA Compaq Presario V3100 Series Notebook PC RM553PA, RM607PA, RM679LA, RM680LAR, RM680LA Compaq Presario V3100 Series Notebook RE134PAR, RE134PA, RG518UAR, RG518UA, RL377PAR, RL377PA, RM609PAR, RM609PA, RM666AV, RQ073PA, RQ079PA, RQ103PA, RQ111PA, RQ123PA, RQ132PAR, RQ132PA, RU915PA Compaq Presario V3122TU Notebook PC RE145PA Compaq Presario V3174TU Notebook PC RM559PA Compaq Presario V3200 Series Notebook PC RK434AV, RM667AV, RQ086PA, RQ113PA, RQ136PAR, RQ136PA, RQ137PA, RQ138PAR, RQ138PA, RQ139PA, RQ140PAR, RQ140PA, RQ141PAR, RQ141PA, RQ142PAR, RQ142PA, RU907PA, RX553LA, RY294PA, RZ859PA, RZ895PA, RZ896PA Compaq Presario V3228AU Notebook PC RU935PA, RZ819PA Compaq Presario V3400 Series Notebook PC GJ179PA, GJ180PA, GM178PA, GM179PA, GM180PA, GM181PA, GM182PA, GM183PA, GM184PA, GM185PA, GM186PA, GM187PA, GM197PA, GM198PA, GM199PA, GM200PA, GM220PA Compaq Presario V3400 Series Notebook PC GM222PA, GM223PA Compaq Presario V3400 Series Notebook PC GM643LA Compaq Presario V3400 Series Notebook PC GN351PA, GN352PA, GN369PA, GN412PA, GN413PA



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