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Hp 300W Power Supply Unit 570856-001
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Please Note, this item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description

HP PS-5301-8 Compaq Presario Pavilion Desktop 300W Power Supply Unit PSU 570856-001.

Lite-On Model Number: PS-5301-8
HP Part Number: 570856-001


AC Input:
100-240V ~6A

DC Output:
+5.08V / 25A
+12V / 19A
+3.3V / 18A
-12V / 0.3A
+5.08Vsb / 2A

Max Output Power: 300W

Compatible Models: HP Compaq Presario CQ3458HK PC HK CQ3478HK PC HK G52xx SRP ATR G52xx SRP EUROA4 G52xx SRP GR G52xx SRP NL G52xx SRP UK G5342fr PC FR G5100de PC GR G5102uk PC UK G5105ch PC SWIS2 G5105de PC GR G5105uk PC UK G5106de PC GR G5107de PC GR G5110es-m Bndl PC SP G5110fr PC FR G5110it PC ITL G5110sc PC NRL G5110uk PC UK G5111it PC ITL G5112at Rfrbd PC G5115ch PC SWIS2 G5115ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5120sc PC NRL G5120uk PC UK G5120uk Rfrbd PC G5121de PC GR G5122uk PC UK G5122uk-m Bndl PC UK G5124ch PC SWIS2 G5124ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5125de PC GR G5125es PC SP G5126de PC GR G5128uk PC UK G5129es PC SP G5130fr PC FR G5130fr Rfrbd PC G5130fr-m Bndl PC FR G5130nl PC NL G5131fr PC FR G5133fr PC FR G5135fr PC FR G5135fr-m Bndl PC FR G5135uk PC UK G5135uk-m Bndl PC UK G5139fr PC FR G5139fr-m Bndl PC FR G5139sc PC NRL G5139sc-m Bndl PC NRL G5140sc PC NRL G5142fr PC FR G5142fr-m Bndl PC FR G5144fr PC FR G5144fr-m Bndl PC FR G5145fr PC FR G5145sc PC NRL G5146fr-m Bndl PC FR G5147fr PC FR G5147fr-m Bndl PC FR G5148fr PC FR G5148fr-m Bndl PC FR G5149fr PC FR G5150be PC EUROA4 G5150es PC SP G5150fr PC FR G5150fr-m Bndl PC FR G5150pt PC PORT G5150sc PC NRL G5150sc Rfrbd PC G5151es PC SP G5151fr PC FR G5151fr-m Bndl PC FR G5152es PC SP G5153es PC SP G5153es-m Bndl PC SP G5153fr PC FR G5154es PC SP G5154es-m Bndl PC SP G5154fr PC FR G5154fr-m Bndl PC FR G5154fr-m Rfrbd PC G5155es PC SP G5155fr PC FR G5155fr-m Bndl PC FR G5155sc PC NRL G5157es PC SP G5159fr PC FR G5159fr-m Bndl PC FR G5159fr-m Rfrbd PC G5160be PC EUROA4 G5160be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5160es PC SP G5160fr PC FR G5161sc PC NRL G5165fr PC FR G5170fr PC FR G5170sc PC NRL G5180be PC EUROA4 G5180be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5180sc PC NRL G5185be PC EUROA4 G5190be PC EUROA4 G5190be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5200fr PC FR G5200fr-m Bndl PC FR G5200uk PC UK G5200uk-m Bndl PC UK G5201fr PC FR G5201fr-m Bndl PC FR G5202fr PC FR G5205fr PC FR G5205fr-m Bndl PC FR G5206fr PC FR G5206fr-m Bndl PC FR G5206uk PC UK G5207fr PC FR G5207fr-m Bndl PC FR G5208fr PC FR G5208fr-m Bndl PC FR G5208uk PC UK G5209de-m Bndl PC GR G5210be PC EUROA4 G5210be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5210de PC GR G5210es PC SP G5210es-m Bndl PC SP G5210fr PC FR G5210fr Rfrbd PC G5210it PC ITL G5210nl-m Bndl PC NL G5210pt PC PORT G5210ru PC RUSS G5210sc PC NRL G5210uk PC UK G5211ru PC RUSS G5212it PC ITL G5212it-m Bndl PC ITL G5212ru PC RUSS G5214it PC ITL G5214it-m Bndl PC ITL G5215at PC ATR G5215fr PC FR G5215it PC ITL G5215ru PC RUSS G5218it PC ITL G5219it-m Bndl PC ITL G5219itr PC ITL G5220de PC GR G5220es PC SP G5220fr PC FR G5220it PC ITL G5220nl PC NL G5220ru PC RUSS G5220sc PC NRL G5221ch PC SWIS2 G5221ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5221de PC GR G5221sc PC NRL G5224de PC GR G5225ch PC SWIS2 G5225ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5225de PC GR G5225de-m Bndl PC GR G5225fr PC FR G5225uk PC UK G5226at PC ATR G5226es PC SP G5227es PC SP G5228de PC GR G5230de PC GR G5230es PC SP G5230es-m Bndl PC SP G5230fr PC FR G5230fr-m Bndl PC FR G5231fr PC FR G5231fr-m Bndl PC FR G5232fr PC FR G5232fr-m Bndl PC FR G5232uk PC UK G5233ch PC SWIS2 G5233ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5235be PC EUROA4 G5235be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5235be-m Rfrbd PC G5235fr PC FR G5235fr-m Bndl PC FR G5235nl-m Bndl PC NL G5236fr PC FR G5236fr-m Bndl PC FR G5237ch PC UK G5237ch-m Bndl PC UK G5238fr-m Bndl PC FR G5238sc PC NRL G5238sc-m Bndl PC NRL G5239sc PC NRL G5239sc-m Bndl PC NRL G5239sc-m Rfrbd PC G5240de PC UK G5240de-m Bndl PC GR G5240fr PC FR G5240fr-m Bndl PC FR G5240sc PC UK G5241be PC EUROA4 G5241fr PC FR G5241fr-m Bndl PC FR G5241sc PC NRL G5242fr PC FR G5242sc PC NRL G5244ch PC SWIS2 G5244ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5245fr PC FR G5245fr-m Bndl PC FR G5245nl PC NL G5246sc PC NRL G5247sc PC NRL G5248fr PC FR G5248sc PC NRL G5249sc PC NRL G5250be PC EUROA4 G5250be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5250fr PC FR G5250fr-m Bndl PC FR G5250pt PC PORT G5250sc PC NRL G5251de PC GR G5251es PC SP G5251fr PC FR G5252de PC GR G5252fr PC FR G5252sc PC NRL G5254es PC SP G5255be PC EUROA4 G5255es PC SP G5255fr PC FR G5257es PC SP G5257sc PC NRL G5260de PC GR G5261be PC EUROA4 G5261be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5262es PC SP G5270sc PC NRL G5281sc PC NRL G5283sc PC NRL G5300fr PC FR G5301fr PC FR G5301it PC ITL G5302fr PC FR G5305be PC EUROA4 G5305fr PC FR G5305gr PC GRK G5307fr PC FR G5308fr PC FR G5309fr PC FR G5310be PC EUROA4 G5310be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5310es PC SP G5310es-m Bndl PC SP G5310fr PC FR G5310it PC ITL G5310me PC ARAB G5310me-m Bndl PC ARAB G5310nl PC NL G5310ru PC RUSS G5311it PC ITL G5311it-m Bndl PC ITL G5312de PC GR G5312de-m Bndl PC GR G5312it PC ITL G5312it-m Bndl PC ITL G5313ch PC SWIS2 G5313de PC GR G5313it PC ITL G5313it-m Bndl PC ITL G5314de PC GR G5314de-m Bndl PC GR G5314fr PC FR G5314it PC ITL G5314it-m Bndl PC ITL G5315ch PC SWIS2 G5315ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5315es PC SP G5315es-m Bndl PC SP G5315fr PC FR G5315it PC ITL G5315pt PC PORT G5315ru PC RUSS G5316de PC GR G5316it PC ITL G5316it-m Bndl PC ITL G5317de PC GR G5317it PC ITL G5317it-m Bndl PC ITL G5318it PC ITL G5318it-m Bndl PC ITL G5320be PC EUROA4 G5320be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5320de PC GR G5320fr PC FR G5320gr PC GRK G5320it PC ITL G5320nl PC NL G5320pt PC PORT G5320sc PC NRL G5321de PC GR G5321sc PC NRL G5322de PC GR G5322sc PC NRL G5323ch PC SWIS2 G5323ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5324sc PC NRL G5324sc-m Bndl PC NRL G5325ch PC SWIS2 G5325de PC GR G5325ru PC RUSS G5325sc PC NRL G5325uk PC UK G5326sc PC NRL G5326uk PC UK G5327ch PC SWIS2 G5327ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 G5327sc PC NRL G5329de PC GR G5329es PC SP G5330be PC EUROA4 G5330be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5330es PC SP G5330pt PC PORT G5330uk PC UK G5331de PC GR G5331es PC SP G5331es-m Bndl PC SP G5333de PC GR G5335be PC EUROA4 G5335de PC GR G5335fr PC FR G5335fr-m Bndl PC FR G5335nl PC NL G5336de PC GR G5339fr PC FR G5339fr-m Bndl PC FR G5340de PC GR G5340fr PC FR G5340fr-m Bndl PC FR G5341de PC GR G5341fr PC FR G5341fr-m Bndl PC FR G5341sc PC NRL G5342de PC GR G5342fr-m Bndl PC FR G5343de PC GR G5343sc PC NRL G5343sc-m Bndl PC NRL G5344fr PC FR G5344fr-m Bndl PC FR G5344sc PC NRL G5345be PC EUROA4 G5345be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5345fr PC FR G5345fr-m Bndl PC FR G5345nl PC NL G5345sc PC NRL G5345uk PC UK G5350at PC ATR G5350be PC EUROA4 G5350be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 G5350fr PC FR G5350fr-m Bndl PC FR G5350nl PC NL G5350sc PC NRL G5350uk PC UK G5351es PC SP G5355at PC ATR G5355fr PC FR G5355fr-m Bndl PC FR G5355ru PC RUSS G5356at PC ATR G5357es PC SP G5357es-m Bndl PC SP G5357fr PC FR G5357fr-m Bndl PC FR G5360es PC SP G5360es-m Bndl PC SP G5360fr PC FR G5360fr-m Bndl PC FR G5360nl PC NL G5361fr PC FR G5361fr-m Bndl PC FR G5362es PC SP G5363es PC SP G5364es PC SP G5364es-m Bndl PC SP G5370ru PC RUSS G5370uk PC UK G5371ru PC RUSS G5372ru PC RUSS G5373ru PC RUSS G5383sc PC NRL G5384sc PC NRL G5390uk PC UK G5390uk-m Bndl PC UK PAVILION ELITE CTO H8-1100Z REFURB PAVILION ELITE CTO H8-1110T REFURB PAVILION ELITE CTO H8-1150Z REFURB PAVILION ELITE CTO H8-1160T REFURB PAVILION ELITE E-515T CTO REFURB PAVILION ELITE E-555T CTO REFURB PAVILION E H8-1070T CTO REFURB PAVILION P6785T CTO REFURB Pavilion Elite E-335cn PC PRC Pavilion Elite E-358hk PC HK Pavilion Elite E-375a PC AUST Pavilion Elite E-377a PC AUST Pavilion Elite E-378d PC SING Pavilion Elite E-380uk PC 0 Pavilion Elite E-380uk PC UK Pavilion Elite E-420pt PC PORT Pavilion Elite E-468tw PC TW Pavilion Elite E-475a PC AUST Pavilion Elite E-477a PC AUST Pavilion Elite E-478d PC SING Pavilion Elite E-515cn PC PRC Pavilion Elite E-515t CTO Desktop PC Pavilion Elite E-555t CTO Desktop PC Pavilion Elite E-575a PC AUST Pavilion G5346fr PC FR Pavilion G5346fr-m Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5360uk PC UK Pavilion G5400cs PC CZECH Pavilion G5400csm Bndl PC CZECH Pavilion G5400gr PC GRK Pavilion G5400it PC ITL Pavilion G5401at PC ATR Pavilion G5401cs PC CZECH Pavilion G5401fr PC FR Pavilion G5401it PC ITL Pavilion G5401ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5401sc PC NRL Pavilion G5402ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5402tr PC TURK Pavilion G5402uk PC UK Pavilion G5402ukm Bndl PC UK Pavilion G5403at PC ATR Pavilion G5403ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5405it PC ITL Pavilion G5405pt PC PORT Pavilion G5406fr PC FR Pavilion G5406ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5407it PC ITL Pavilion G5407ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5408it PC ITL Pavilion G5410es PC SP Pavilion G5410fr PC FR Pavilion G5410gr PC GRK Pavilion G5410it PC ITL Pavilion G5410itm Bndl PC ITL Pavilion G5410ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5410sc PC NRL Pavilion G5410uk PC UK Pavilion G5411it PC ITL Pavilion G5411itm Bndl PC ITL Pavilion G5413it PC ITL Pavilion G5413itm Bndl PC ITL Pavilion G5414de PC GR Pavilion G5414dem Bndl PC GR Pavilion G5414fr PC FR Pavilion G5414it PC ITL Pavilion G5414itm Bndl PC ITL Pavilion G5415be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5415fr PC FR Pavilion G5415uk PC UK Pavilion G5416it PC ITL Pavilion G5416itm Bndl PC ITL Pavilion G5417de PC GR Pavilion G5418uk PC UK Pavilion G5419sc PC NRL Pavilion G5419scm Bndl PC NRL Pavilion G5420at PC ATR Pavilion G5420es PC SP Pavilion G5420esm Bndl PC SP Pavilion G5420fr PC FR Pavilion G5420sc PC NRL Pavilion G5420uk PC UK Pavilion G5421sc PC NRL Pavilion G5421scm Bndl PC NRL Pavilion G5429fr PC FR Pavilion G5430be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5430bem Bndl PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5430fr PC FR Pavilion G5430me PC ARAB Pavilion G5430mem Bndl PC ARAB Pavilion G5431de PC GR Pavilion G5433ch PC SWIS2 Pavilion G5433chm Bndl PC SWIS2 Pavilion G5434de PC GR Pavilion G5435de PC GR Pavilion G5439de PC GR Pavilion G5440de PC GR Pavilion G5440es PC SP Pavilion G5440me PC ARAB Pavilion G5440mem Bndl PC ARAB Pavilion G5440pt PC PORT Pavilion G5440ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5440rum Bndl PC RUSS Pavilion G5441pl PC POL Pavilion G5442ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5442rum Bndl PC RUSS Pavilion G5443ru PC RUSS Pavilion G5443rum Bndl PC RUSS Pavilion G5445fr PC FR Pavilion G5445frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5446ch PC SWIS2 Pavilion G5446chm Bndl PC SWIS2 Pavilion G5450af PC NWAFR Pavilion G5450afm Bndl PC NWAFR Pavilion G5450be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5450bem Bndl PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5450es PC SP Pavilion G5450esm Bndl PC SP Pavilion G5450fr PC FR Pavilion G5450frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5450sc PC NRL Pavilion G5450uk PC UK Pavilion G5451af PC NWAFR Pavilion G5451afm Bndl PC NWAFR Pavilion G5451sc PC NRL Pavilion G5455fr PC FR Pavilion G5455frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5460be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5460bem Bndl PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5460es PC SP Pavilion G5460esm Bndl PC SP Pavilion G5460fr PC FR Pavilion G5460frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5460uk PC UK Pavilion G5464fr PC FR Pavilion G5465be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5465fr PC FR Pavilion G5465frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5470be PC EUROA4 Pavilion G5470es PC SP Pavilion G5470esm Bndl PC RUSS Pavilion G5470esm PC SP Pavilion G5470fr PC FR Pavilion G5470frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5470sc PC NRL Pavilion G5470uk PC UK Pavilion G5475fr PC FR Pavilion G5475frm Bndl PC FR Pavilion G5480es PC SP Pavilion G5490es PC SP Pavilion E h8-1000in PC INDIA Pavilion E h8-1070t CTO Desktop PC Pavilion E h8-1110t CTO Desktop PC Pavilion E h8-1130z CTO Desktop PC Pavilion E h8-1140t CTO Desktop PC Pavilion E h8-1150z CTO Desktop PC Pavilion p6-1060cx PC PRC Pavilion p6-1066cx PC 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p6-1193cn PC PRC Pavilion p6-1195cn PC PRC Pavilion p6-1198cn PC PRC Pavilion p6-1199cn PC PRC Pavilion p6-1221cx PC PRC Pavilion p6-2000kl PC KOR Pavilion p6-2008hk PC HK Pavilion p6-2010ix PC INDIA Pavilion p6-2010kr PC KOR Pavilion p6-2010l PC A/P Pavilion p6-2012d PC PHILI Pavilion p6-2014d PC A/P Pavilion p6-2014l PC A/P Pavilion p6-2015d PC PHILI Pavilion p6-2018d PC A/P Pavilion p6-2018hk PC HK Pavilion p6-2018l PC PHILI Pavilion p6-2019l PC A/P Pavilion p6-2020a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2020ix PC INDIA Pavilion p6-2020l PC A/P Pavilion p6-2021d PC INDO Pavilion p6-2030a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2030in PC INDIA Pavilion p6-2030kr PC KOR Pavilion p6-2030l PC INDO Pavilion p6-2038hk PC HK Pavilion p6-2040a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2045tl PC TW Pavilion p6-2050a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2050ix PC INDIA Pavilion p6-2050kr PC KOR Pavilion p6-2055a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2058hk PC HK Pavilion p6-2060a PC AUST Pavilion p6-2060ix PC INDIA Pavilion p6-2068l PC THAI Pavilion p6-2069tw PC TW Pavilion p6-2070in 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p6360es PC Pavilion p6361fr PC Pavilion p6374fr PC Pavilion p6380es PC Pavilion p6381es PC Pavilion p6390es PC Pavilion p6393es PC Pavilion p6502at PC ATR Pavilion p6502de PC GR Pavilion p6503de PC GR Pavilion p6504de PC GR Pavilion p6505de PC GR Pavilion p6505uk PC UK Pavilion p6509sc PC NRL Pavilion p6509sc-m Bndl PC NRL Pavilion p6510ch PC SWIS2 Pavilion p6510ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 Pavilion p6510cs Rfrbd PC Pavilion p6511be PC EUROA4 Pavilion p6511de PC GR Pavilion p6511fr PC FR Pavilion p6511it PC ITL Pavilion p6511it-m Bndl PC ITL Pavilion p6512be PC EUROA4 Pavilion p6512fr PC FR Pavilion p6513fr PC FR Pavilion p6515be PC EUROA4 Pavilion p6515be-m Bndl PC EUROA4 Pavilion p6516fr PC FR Pavilion p6517de PC GR Pavilion p6518de PC GR Pavilion p6520at PC ATR Pavilion p6520ch PC SWIS2 Pavilion p6520ch-m Bndl PC SWIS2 Pavilion p6520fr PC FR Pavilion p6520fr Rfrbd PC Pavilion p6520nl PC NL Pavilion p6521cs PC CZECH Pavilion p6521cs-m Bndl PC CZECH Pavilion p6521fr PC FR Pavilion p6521it PC 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Pavilion p6790uk PC UK Pavilion p6791uk PC UK Pavilion p6792ru PC RUSS Pavilion p6792uk PC UK Pavilion p6793ru PC RUSS Pavilion p6793uk PC UK Pavilion p6795a PC AUST Pavilion p6795uk PC UK Pavilion p6796es PC SP Pavilion p6796es-m Bndl PC SP Pavilion p6797es PC SP Pavilion p6799cn PC PRC Pavilion p6799uk PC UK PavilionElite E-415cn PC PRC TouchSmart 600-1210ru Rfrbd PC TouchSmart 620-1088cn 3D Edition PC P
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