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Hp 27-XA Lcd Rear Cover Frame L33875-001
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Compatible Part Numbers:
EAN79002020 3MN79TP503
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion 27-XA0009 27-XA0011 27-XA0013W 27-XA0019 27-XA0022DS 27-XA0025XT 27-XA0031 27-XA0035XT 27-XA0040 27-XA0045Z 27-XA0050 27-XA0077C 27-XA0125QE 27-XA0135ST 27-XA0177C 27-XA0149 27-XA0159 27-XA1055Z 27-XA006LA 27-XA0151JP 27-XA0170JP 27-XA0171JP 27-XA08XX 27-XA002LA 27-XA003LA 27-XA004LA 27-XA005LA 27-XA0129 27-XA100LA 27-XA101LA Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion 27-XA Series All-In-One Black LCD Screen Back Cover Frame L33875-001.

Color: Black
Type: AIO Back Cover Frame

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