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Hp 15M-DR1 15T-DR1 15-DR1 Mb L63885-601
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Item Code:
Part Number:
L63885-001 L63885-501 L63885-601
Compatible Part Numbers:
448.0GB20.0011 455.0GB01.C001 32740026 18748-1 448.0GB12.0011 46M.0GBMB.2005 L72201-001 L72201-501 L72201-601
Compatible Models:
HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15T-DR100, 15M-DR1011DX, 15-DR1008CA, 15-DR1010CA, 15-DR1021NR, 15-DR1058MS, 15-DR1070WM, 15-DR1002LA, 15-DR0003LA, 15-DR1000TU, 15-DR1001TU, 15-DR1005TU, 15-DR1006TU, 15-DR1011TU, 15-DR1014TU, 15-DR1017TU, 15-DR1019TU, 15-DR1020TU, 15-DR1022TU, 15-DR1023TU, 15-DR1025TU, 15-DR1026TU, 15-DR1027TU, 15-DR1028TU, 15-DR1029TU, 15-DR1030TU, 15-DR1031TU, 15-DR1032TU, 15-DR1033TU
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Item Description

HP ENVY 15M-DR1 15T-DR1 15-DR1 Series Intel Core i5-10210U 1.60GHz SRGKY Processor Laptop Motherboard L63885-001 L63885-501 L63885-601.

Processor/CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U (SRGKY)
Processor/CPU Speed: 1.60GHz (4.20GHz Max Turbo)
Max Supported Memory: 16GB
Number of Memory Slots: 2
Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM
Speed: 2666MHz
Type: Laptop Motherboard

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