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Hp 15-ED Kb Palmrest Tp Assy L93226-001
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HP ENVY X360 Convertible 15-ED (15-ED1010NR, 15-ED1031NR, 15-ED1047NR, 15-ED1052MS, 15-ED1055WM, 15-ED1066NR, 15-ED1071CL, 15-ED1076NR, 15-ED1078MS, 15-ED1085CL, 15-ED1006TU, 15-ED1503TU, 15-ED1508TU, 15-ED0028TU, 15-ED0029TU, 15-ED0030TU, 15-ED0031TU, 15-ED0032TU, 15-ED0033TU, 15-ED0034TU, 15-ED0035TU, 15-ED0036TU, 15-ED0037TU, 15-ED0038TU, 15-ED0039TU, 15-ED0040TU, 15-ED0041TU, 15-ED0042TU, 15-ED0003TU, 15-ED0004TU, 15-ED0005TU, 15-ED0006TU, 15-ED0007TU, 15-ED0008TU, 15-ED0009TU, 15-ED0010TU, 15-ED0011TU, 15-ED0012TU, 15-ED0013TU, 15-ED0014TU, 15-ED0015TU, 15-ED0016TU, 15-ED0017TU, 15-ED0018TU, 15-ED0019TU, 15-ED0020TU, 15-ED0021TU, 15-ED0022TU, 15-ED1001TU, 15-ED1002TU, 15-ED1003TU, 15-ED1004TU, 15-ED1007TU, 15-ED1020TU, 15-ED1021TU, 15-ED1022TU, 15-ED1023TU, 15-ED1024TU, 15-ED1025TU, 15-ED1026TU, 15-ED1027TU, 15-ED1028TU, 15-ED1029TU, 15-ED1030TU, 15-ED1031TU, 15-ED1032TU, 15-ED1033TU, 15-ED1034TU); 15M-ED (15M-ED0013DX, 15M-ED0023DX, 15M-ED1013DX, 15M-ED1023DX); 15T-ED (15T-ED000, 15T-ED100) Series
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item is used and has scuffs and scratches, as well as dents on the top side of the palmrest and USB, HDMI and SD Card Reader ports! Item is fully operational and functions as intended! Please see the images!
Item Description

HP ENVY X360 Convertible 15-ED 15M-ED 15T-ED Series Laptop Natural Silver Fingerprint Reader Top Cover US English Backlight Keyboard Palmrest Touchpad Assembly L93226-001.

Keyboard Language: US English, Model: NSK-XW1BC V192102AS1 US; P/N: 9Z.NHBBC.101 PK132UR1A00 PK132UR2A00 PK132UR3A00 AM2UU000800 2H-BCKUSC23411
Keyboard Backlight: Yes
Touchpad/Pointing Device: Yes, P/N: L93185-001 AM2UU000100 TM-P3607-001 TM-3607-001 920-003773-01; Cable P/N: L93187-001 NBX0002MV0 NBX0002MV00
Fingerprint Reader: Yes, P/N: TTCF122385 C6K0BG
Color: Natural Silver
Type: Keyboard Palmrest Touchpad Assembly
Features: IR Board P/N: NBX0002MU00

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