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Hipro HP-D2537F3R 250W Atx Power Supply
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Item Code:
HP-D2537F3R 5188-2622
Item Condition Description:
Please note, item is used and has minor scuffs and scratches!
Item Description

Hipro 250W 100-127V/6A 200-240V/4A 47-63Hz Main System ATX Power Supply HP-D2537F3R.

Hipro Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers: 5188-2622


Power Supply Type: ATX
Wattage: 250W
Input Voltage: 100-127V (6A) / 200-240V (4A)
Input Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
Output: +5V(25A), +12V(14A), +3.3V(18A), -12V(0.8A), +5VSB(2A)
x1 20-Pin Mini ATX System Board Connector
x4 Serial ATA (SATA) Connector
x1 4-Pin ATX +12V Power Connector
x2 Floppy Drive (FDD) Connector

Compatible Models: HP Business DX2290 Microtower Pavilion 8000T A1019H A1035C A1063W A1100N A1102N A1116X A1133W A1200E A1200LA A1200Y A1203W A1221N A1224N A1257C A1320Y A1400E A1410E A1424N A1520E A1709N A1720N A1740N A1742N A1767C A1777C A200M A200T A205V A210M A210T A257C A287X A288N A310T A316N A320N A330N A335W A362N A367C A384X A387X A404X A408X A418X A430N A434N A445W A465W A475C A518X A520N A545C A556X A564N A566N A6005LA A6009N A600N A6010BR A6010LA A6010N A6015BR A6019H A6020BR A6037C A6040N A6042N A6044XE A6045X A6057C A605M A6077C A6109N A6110N A6112N A6113W A6114X A6118X A6120N A6123W A6125BR A6130N A6137C A6142N A6157C A6167C A6200N A6200T A6202N A6203W A6205BR A6205T A6207C A6208HK A6210TW A6212N A6213W A6214X A6217C A6218HK A6218X A6219H A6220TW A6223W A6225TW A6228HK A6228X A6230TW A6234X A6235TW A6237C A6238X A6242N A6244N A6245TW A6248X A6257C A6300F A6300T A6302F A6303W A6308HK A6312P A6313W A6314F A6317C A6318F A6319F A6320TW A6323W A6328HK A6330TW A6333W A6334F A6337C A6338HK A6340TW A6342P A6345TW A6348HK A6357C A635W A6400F A6403HK A6403W A6408HK A640N A6410T A6412P A6417C A6418F A6420TW A6428HK A6432F A6433W A6437C A6438HK A6442P A6448HK A645C A646C A6500F A6500Z A6503HK A6508HK A6510T A6512P A6518F A6518HK A6519FH A6520TW A6522F A6525TW A6528HK A6528P A6532F A6535TW A6537C A6542P A6547C A6548HK A6568HK A6600F A6600Z A6603W A6604F A6607C A6608F A6608HK A6610T A6619F A6620F A6620TW A6625TW A6628HK A6628TW A6630TW A6632F A6634F A6637C A6638F A6642P A6647C A6648HK A6667C A6683W A6703W A6704F A6707C A6708F A6710T A6712F A6719F A6725TW A6728HK A6730TW A6733HK A6738HK A6742P A6747C A6748HK A6757C A6826F A6828HK A6834F A6848HK A6868HK A700N A708N A710E A714X A720N A735W A736N A737N A750Y A809RS A810E A815Y A822N G3220TW Media Center M1160N P6025TW P6030TW P6100LA P6107C P6110F P6110Y P6120F P6140LA P6523W P6654Y P6710F P6720LA S4020AP Slimline T220T T230M T325T T330T T340M T427M T520M T655M W1420LA Presario 6000T 6000Z 8000T CQ3020TW CQ3025TW CQ3038HK CQ3058HK CQ3318HK CQ5000 NotebookCQ5102F CQ5107C CQ5123F CQ5704LA S3000AP S3000NX S3000T S3020AP S3080AP S3090AP S3100AN S3100AP S3150AP S3220AP S3320AP S3350KR S4000J S4000T S4000Z S4010LA S4010OM S4030LA S4110CL S4214BD S5000J S5000NX S5010LA S5010NX S5100NX S5140WM S5200NX S6000T S6000V S6010NX S6020WM S6030NX S6104NX SG3110BR SG3115BR SG3117BR SG3310BR SG3315BR SG3317BR SG3410BR SG3415BR SG3418BR SG3511BR SG3515BR SG3515LA SG3516LA SG3518BR SG3518LA SG3611BR SG3615BR SG3615LA SG3616LA SG3730TW SR1020NX SR1030LA SR1034NX SR1044BB SR1055CL SR1090NX SR1113NX SR1210LA SR1220LA SR1224NX SR1232OM SR1311NX SR1408HM SR1420LA SR1426NX SR1428OM SR1505LA SR1514NX SR1515LA SR1519X SR1550NX SR1575CL SR1602LS SR1611NX SR1615LA SR1617CL SR1620LA SR1702LS SR1802HM SR1807CL SR1810NX SR1811NX SR1815LA SR1901WM SR1902HM SR1902LS SR1903WM SR1905LA SR1907CL SR1910NX SR1915LS SR2002X SR2010NX SR2013WM SR2014HM SR2017CL SR2020NX SR2027X SR2030NX SR2032X SR2034NX SR2037X SR2150NX SR2168HM SR2172NX SR2173WM SR2308LA SR5001LS SR5002HM SR5003LS SR5004LA SR5005LA SR5010NX SR5013WM SR5015LA SR5017LA SR5023WM SR5027CL SR5030NX SR5035KR SR5102HM SR5109NX SR5110NX SR5113WM SR5123WM SR5125CL SR5127CL SR5130NX SR5152NX SR5202HM SR5210NX SR5213HK SR5214X SR5218HK SR5223WM SR5233HK SR5234X SR5237CL SR5240KL SR5250NX SR5253HK SR5254X SR5262NX SR5302FH SR5310F SR5313HK SR5313WM SR5333HK SR5333WM SR5350F SR5402FH SR5404F SR5410F SR5413WM SR5421F SR5433HK SR5433WM SR5448F SR5450F SR5453HK SR5501P SR5502FH SR5505F SR5507F SR5508F SR5510F SR5513HK SR5518F SR5520KL SR5533HK SR5540KL SR5548F SR5550F SR5553HK SR5601P SR5602FH SR5604F SR5605F SR5606F SR5608F SR5610F SR5611F SR5612FR SR5613WM SR5614F SR5616F SR5618F SR5633WM SR5648F SR5702F SR5703WM SR5705F SR5707C SR5708F SR5710F SR5710Y SR5712F SR5718F SR5720TW SR5738HK SR5748HK SR5758HK SR5768HK SR5780HK SR5807C SR5816F SR5820TW SR5838HK SR5848HK SR5858HK SR5880TW SR5899D SR5908F

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