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Havis Tilt/Swivel Assembly C-MM-304
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Genuine Original Havis Monitor Base Adapter Tilt/Swivel Assembly for Tablet PC Mounting Kit C-MM-304. The unique universal retrofit motion device provides generous tilt in four (4) directions plus 90 Degree rotation for the standard DMM motion device, for increased travel and motion. The compact design is 1.75" inches high in closed position and extends to 6.5" when completely open.

Model Number: C-MM-304
Part Number: C-MM-304


Adjustable Depth: 1.73 in - 6.5 in
Type: Mounting component
Mounting Components: Tilt/swivel base adapter
Recommended Use: Tablet PC
Flat Panel Mount Interface: 75 x 75 mm
Max Load Weight: 7 lbs
Features: Rotating
Item Height:
4 in
Item Width: 4 in
Item Length: 10 in


- Monitor base adapter tilt/swivel assembly
- For lightweight tablet docking stations with 75 mounting hole pattern
- Device mount end includes 75 and 1.20" x 1.50" (30mm x 38mm) "amps" hole pattern
- Device mount end rotates 90° degrees
- Compact design is 1.75" inches high in closed position and extends to 6.5" when completely open
- 5" wide x 5.5" long (in closed position)
- Maximum weight rating = 7.5 lbs (for items mounted to motion device)
- Mounts directly to Havis C-DMM-100 Series monitor mounts only
- Installer must remove the standard center swivel and replace it with the C-MM-304
- Havis mounting bases are available in vehicle specific and universal models to proved the strongest mounting solutions for valuable computers and consoles


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