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Hatteras Ethernet Modem 920352-2000-01
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920352-2000-01 PSC30U-480
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this unit comes with rack ears and one switching power supply (as pictured). No cables or any other accessories! Unit has minor scuffs and scratches, but is fully tested & completely operational.
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Item Description

Genuine Original Hatteras HN408-Si and HN402-CPi 2-Slot Shelf High-Speed Network Ethernet Modems with Switching Power Supply PSC30U-480 BS408-2U 920352-2000-01. Hatteras Networks' HN400 series award winning Ethernet service delivery products extend the Ethernet Services to sites without access to fiber.  Carriers can now offer symmetrical, broadband connectivity, and Ethernet Services to business sites, cell towers and DSLAMs at speeds of 10-20 Mbps - even over 100 Mbps - without the expense and delays associated with fiber deployment. Carriers can either physically separate management and data traffic on the two ports, or logically separate the traffic using in-band VLAN capabilities. Likewise, the two ports can support two separate services from the same or different customers. The HN400 series implements the IEEE standard for Ethernet OAM, with extensions to facilitate deployment and simplify remote management, while maintaining full interoperability with existing Ethernet switches, routers and Ethernet ADMs. The products also provides a comprehensive, user-friendly command-line interface (CLI), SNMP,for alarming and remote management, a fully featured Element Management System (EMS), and an embedded Web Manager that requires no client software - all of which can be accessed over any in-band or out-of-band IP interface.

Hatteras Model Number: BS408-2U
Hatteras Part Number: 920352-2000-01
Phihong Part Number: PSC30U-480








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