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Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3R rev.1.0 No I/O
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Item Code:
GA-EP43-DS3R rev.1.0
Item Condition Description:
Please note, Motherboard only! No I/O Shield also known as a Backplate Cover, or any other accessories. This motherboard was pulled out of a brand new PC and may show minor signs of removal process. Otherwise, the item is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description

Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3R rev.1.0 Intel Chipset P43 Socket LGA775 DDR2 ATX Motherboard. Based on the new Intel P43 chipset, GA-EP43-DS3R delivers a record setting 1600MHz Front Side Bus by overclocking for the latest Intel Core 2 multi-core processors, including 45nm CPUs. With supporting dual channel DDR2 up to 1200MHz by overclocking, GA-EP43-DS3R motherboard provides the highest levels of performance and maximum overclocking potential. GA-EP43-DS3R delivers several advanced GIGABYTE innovations including the DES Advanced, Ultra Durable 2, Ultra TPM design which provide optimized power savings, ultra cooling and ultra secure data protection.


• Revolution energy saving design with DES technology featuring hardware based Dynamic 4-Gear switching
• Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 multi-core processors with FSB 1600 (O.C.) MHz
• Dual channel DDR2 1200+ for remarkable system performance
• Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E x16 2.0 interface
• Features SATA 3Gb/s with RAID function
• Built-in TPM chip with 2048bits encryption to highest level digital data protection
• Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE1394
• 8 channel High definition audio


Support for an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor/ Intel Core 2 Quad processor/Intel Core 2 Duo processor/ Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor/Intel Celeron processor in the LGA 775 package
(Note) This motherboard is designed with VRD11.1 power phase, and cannot be compatible with VRD10 designed CPU. Please refer to "CPU Support List" for details.
L2 cache varies with CPU
Front Side Bus
1600 (O.C.)/1333/1066/800 MHz FSB
North Bridge: Intel P43 Express Chipset
South Bridge: Intel ICH10R
4 x 1.8V DDR2 DIMM sockets supporting up to 16 GB of system memory
Dual channel memory architecture
Support for DDR2 1200+/1066/800/667 MHz memory modules
(Go to GIGABYTE's website for the latest memory support list.)
Realtek ALC888 codec
High Definition Audio
Support for S/PDIF In/Out
Support for CD In
Realtek 8111C chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
Expansion Slots
1 x PCI Express x16 slot (The PCI Express x16 slot conform to PCI Express 2.0 standard)
1 x PCI Express x4 slot (The PCI Express x4 slot conform to PCI Express 1.0/1.1 standard)
1 x PCI Express x1 slot
4 x PCI slots
Storage Interface

South Bridge:
6 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors supporting up to 6 SATA 3Gb/s devices
Support for SATA RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10
iTE IT8213 chip:
1 x IDE connector supporting ATA-133/100/66/33 and up to 2 IDE devices
iTE IT8718 chip:
1 x floppy disk drive connector supporting up to 1 floppy disk drive
Integrated in the South Bridge
Up to 12 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (8 on the back panel, 4 via the USB brackets connected to the internal USB headers)
IEEE 1394
T.I. TSB43AB23 chip
Up to 3 IEEE 1394a ports (2 on the back panel, 1 via the IEEE 1394a bracket connected to the internal IEEE 1394a header)
Internal I/O Connectors
1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector
1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector
1 x floppy disk drive connector
1 x IDE connector
6 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors
1 x CPU fan header
2 x system fan headers
1 x power fan header
1 x front panel header
1 x front panel audio header
1 x CD In connector
1 x S/PDIF In header
1 x S/PDIF Out header
2 x USB 2.0/1.1 headers
1 x IEEE 1394a header
1 x parallel port header
1 x serial port header
1 x power LED header
1 x chassis intrusion header
Back Panel Connectors
1 x PS/2 keyboard port
1 x PS/2 mouse port
1 x coaxial S/PDIF Out connector
1 x optical S/PDIF Out connector
8 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
2 x IEEE 1394a ports
1 x RJ-45 port
6 x audio jacks (Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out/Rear Speaker Out/Side Speaker Out/Line In/Line Out/Microphone)
I/O Controller
iTE IT8718 chip
H/W Monitoring
System voltage detection
CPU/System temperature detection
CPU/System/Power fan speed detection
CPU overheating warning
CPU/System/Power fan fail warning
CPU/System fan speed control
2 x 8 Mbit flash
Use of licensed AWARD BIOS
Support for DualBIOS
PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.0, SM BIOS 2.4, ACPI 1.0b
Unique Features
Support for BIOS
Support for Q-Flash
Support for Virtual Dual BIOS
Support for Download Center
Support for Xpress Install
Support for Xpress Recovery2
Support for EasyTune
Support for Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
Support for Ultra TPM
Support for Time Repair
Support for Q-Share
Operating System
Support for Microsoft Windows Vista/XP
Form Factor
ATX Form Factor; 30.5cm x 24.4cm

CPU Support


Socket 775
Vendor CPU ModelFrequencyL2
Core NameProcessSteppingWattage
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX97703.20GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC1135W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX97703.20GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC0135W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX96503.00GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC1130W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX96503.00GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC0130W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q96503.00GHz12MBYorkfield45nmE095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q95502.83GHz12MBYorkfield45nmE095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q9550s2.83GHz12MBYorkfield45nmE065W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q95502.83GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC195W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q9505s2.83GHz6MBYorkfield45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q95052.83GHz6MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q95002.83GHz6MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q94502.66GHz12MBYorkfield45nmC195W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q94002.66GHz6MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q9400s2.66GHz6MBYorkfield45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q93002.50GHz6MBYorkfield45nmM195W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q84002.66GHz4MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q8400s2.66GHz4MBYorkfield45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q83002.50GHz4MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q82002.33GHz4MBYorkfield45nmM195W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q82002.33GHz4MBYorkfield45nmR095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q8200s2.33GHz4MBYorkfield45nmM165W
IntelCore 2 Duo E86003.33GHz6MBWolfdale45nmE065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E85003.16GHz6MBWolfdale45nmC065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E85003.16GHz6MBWolfdale45nmE065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E84003.00GHz6MBWolfdale45nmC065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E84003.00GHz6MBWolfdale45nmE065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E83002.83GHz6MBWolfdale45nmC065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E82002.66GHz6MBWolfdale45nmC065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E81902.66GHz6MBWolfdale45nmC065W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX68503.00GHz8MBKentsfield65nmG0130W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX68002.93GHz8MBKentsfield65nmG0130W
IntelCore 2 Extreme QX67002.66GHz8MBKentsfield65nmB3130W
IntelCore 2 Extreme X68002.93GHz4MBConroe XE65nmB275W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q67002.66GHz8MBKentsfield65nmG095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q66002.40GHz8MBKentsfield65nmG095W
IntelCore 2 Quad Q66002.40GHz8MBKentsfield65nmB3105W
IntelCore 2 Duo E76003.06GHz3MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E75002.93GHz3MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E74002.80GHz3MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E73002.66GHz3MBWolfdale45nmM065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E72002.53GHz3MBWolfdale45nmM065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E68503.00GHz4MBConroe65nmG065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E67502.66GHz4MBConroe65nmG065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E67002.66GHz4MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E66002.40GHz4MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E65502.33GHz4MBConroe65nmG065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E65402.33GHz4MBConroe65nmG065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E64202.13GHz4MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E64002.13GHz2MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E64002.13GHz2MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E63201.86GHz4MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E63001.86GHz2MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E63001.86GHz2MBConroe65nmB265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E47002.60GHz2MBConroe65nmG065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E46002.40GHz2MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E45002.20GHz2MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E44002.00GHz2MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCore 2 Duo E44002.00GHz2MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelCore 2 Duo E43001.80GHz2MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E65002.93GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E63002.80GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E55002.80GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E54002.70GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E53002.60GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E52002.50GHz2MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E52002.50GHz2MBWolfdale45nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E22202.40GHz1MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E22002.20GHz1MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E21802.00GHz1MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E21601.80GHz1MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E21601.80GHz1MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E21401.60GHz1MBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Dual-Core E21401.60GHz1MBConroe65nmL265W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E33002.50GHz1MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E32002.40GHz1MBWolfdale45nmR065W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E16002.40GHz512KBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E15002.20GHz512KBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E14002.00GHz512KBConroe65nmM065W
IntelCeleron Dual-Core E12001.60GHz512KBConroe65nmM065W
IntelPentium Extreme Edition 9653.73GHz4MBPresler65nmC1130W
IntelPentium Extreme Edition 9553.46GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmB1130W
IntelPentium Extreme Edition 840-XE3.20GHz2MBSmithfield90nmA0130W
IntelPentium D 9603.60GHz4MBPresler65nmD095W
IntelPentium D 9603.60GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmC1130W
IntelPentium D 9503.40GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmB1130W
IntelPentium D 9453.40GHz4MBPresler65nmD095W
IntelPentium D 9453.40GHz4MBPresler65nmC195W
IntelPentium D 9403.20GHz4MBPresler65nmC195W
IntelPentium D 9403.20GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmB1130W
IntelPentium D 9353.20GHz4MBPresler65nmD095W
IntelPentium D 9303.00GHz4MBPresler65nmC195W
IntelPentium D 9303.00GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmB195W
IntelPentium D 9253.00GHz4MBPresler65nmC195W
IntelPentium D 9202.80GHz4MB(2x2)Presler65nmB195W
IntelPentium D 9152.80GHz4MBPresler65nmC195W
IntelPentium D 8403.20GHz2MBSmithfield90nmB0130W
IntelPentium D 8403.20GHz2MBSmithfield90nmA0130W
IntelPentium D 8303.00GHz2MBSmithfield90nmB0130W
IntelPentium D 8303.00GHz2MBSmithfield90nmA0130W
IntelPentium D 8202.80GHz2MBSmithfield90nmB095W
IntelPentium D 8202.80GHz2MBSmithfield90nmA095W
IntelPentium D 8052.66GHz2MBSmithfield90nmB095W
IntelP4-Extreme Edition3.73GHz2MBPrescott90nmN0115W
IntelP4-Extreme Edition3.46GHz2MBNorthwood130nmM0110.7W
IntelP4-Extreme Edition3.40GHz2MBNorthwood130nmM0109.6W
IntelPentium 4 6723.80GHz2MBPrescott90nmR0115W
IntelPentium 4 6703.80GHz2MBPrescott90nmR0115W
IntelPentium 4 6703.80GHz2MBPrescott90nmN0115W
IntelPentium 4 6623.60GHz2MBPrescott90nmR0115W
IntelPentium 4 6613.60GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmB186W
IntelPentium 4 6603.60GHz2MBPrescott90nmN0115W
IntelPentium 4 6513.40GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmD065W
IntelPentium 4 6513.40GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmB186W
IntelPentium 4 6503.40GHz2MBPrescott90nmR084W
IntelPentium 4 6503.40GHz2MBPrescott90nmN084W
IntelPentium 4 6413.20GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmD065W
IntelPentium 4 6413.20GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmB186W
IntelPentium 4 6403.20GHz2MBPrescott90nmN084W
IntelPentium 4 6313.00GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmD065W
IntelPentium 4 6313.00GHz2MBCedar Mill65nmB186W
IntelPentium 4 6303.00GHz2MBPrescott90nmN084W
IntelPentium 4 5713.80GHz1MBPrescott90nmE0115W
IntelPentium 4 570J3.80GHz1MBPrescott90nmE0115W
IntelPentium 4 5613.60GHz1MBPrescott90nmE0115W
IntelPentium 4 5603.60GHz1MBPrescott90nmD0115W
IntelPentium 4 560J3.60GHz1MBPrescott90nmE0115W
IntelPentium 4 5513.40GHz1MBPrescott90nmG184W
IntelPentium 4 5513.40GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5503.40GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 550J3.40GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5413.20GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5403.20GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5313.00GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5303.00GHz1MBPrescott90nmD084W
IntelPentium 4 530J3.00GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5243.06GHz1MBPrescott90nmG184W
IntelPentium 4 5212.80GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5202.80GHz1MBPrescott90nmD084W
IntelPentium 4 519K3.06GHz1MBPrescott90nmG184W
IntelPentium 4 5162.93GHz1MBPrescott90nmG184W
IntelPentium 4 5162.93GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 5062.66GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelPentium 4 505J2.66GHz1MBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron 400 Sequence 4402.00GHz512KBConroe-L65nmA135W
IntelCeleron 400 Sequence 4301.80GHz512KBConroe-L65nmA135W
IntelCeleron 400 Sequence 4201.60GHz512KBConroe-L65nmA135W
IntelCeleron D 3653.60GHz512KBCedar Mill65nmD065W
IntelCeleron D 3603.46GHz512KBCedar Mill65nmD065W
IntelCeleron D 3563.33GHz512KBCedar Mill65nmC186W
IntelCeleron D 3553.33GHz256KBPrescott90nmG173W
IntelCeleron D 3523.20GHz512KBCedar Mill65nmC186W
IntelCeleron D 3513.20GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 3463.06GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 345J3.06GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 3412.93GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 340J2.93GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 3362.80GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 335J2.80GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 3312.66GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 330J2.66GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 3262.53GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
IntelCeleron D 325J2.53GHz256KBPrescott90nmE084W
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