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Gateway Scsi 5-Connector Cable 8005915
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Gateway 45-inch 68-Pin 5-Connector SCSI Server Chassis Cable 8005915. This 68-pin, 45-inch SCSI cable has five connectors on it. The cable has integrated active termination for use on SCSI devices.

Gateway Part Number: 8005915
Compatible Models: Gateway 6400 Server Chassis 935 Rack Mount Server 935 Rack Mount Server R1 935 Rack Mount Server R2 935 Rack Mount Server R3 935R 935 Rack Mount Server R4 955 1U Rack Mount Server 955 1U Rack Mount Server R1 960 Server 960 Server Chassis R2 (533 Mhz) 960 Server Chassis R3 (533 Mhz) 960 Server Chassis R4 (533 Mhz) 960R Rackmount Server Chassis 960R Rackmount Server Chassis (533 Mhz) R2 960R Rackmount Server Chassis R1 980 Server Chassis 980 Server Chassis R2 (533 Mhz) 980 Server Chassis R3 (533 Mhz) 980R Rackmount Server Chassis 980R Rackmount Server Chassis (533 Mhz) R2 980R Rackmount Server Chassis R1

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