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Gateway P-6000 Series 56K Laptop Modem
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Gateway Internal 56K Modem for Gateway P-6000 Series and P-170 Series laptops. Part number: 54.09552.001.

Manufacturer: CastleNet Technology
Model number:
Delphi D40
Part number: 54.09552.001
Input: 3.3VDC, 12MA MAX
Compatible with:
GATEWAY P-6000 series: P-6301, P-6302, P-6311, P-6312, P-6313, P-6317, P-6822, P-6825, P-6831FX, P-6832, P-6836, P-6860FX
GATEWAY P-170 series: P-170L, P-170X, P-171S, P-171X, P-171XL, P-172S, P-172X, P-172XL, P-173X, P-173XL


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