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Gateway MX6420 MX6421 Laptop Motherboard
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Item Code:
105780 DA0MA3MB6D2
Item Description

Gateway DA0MA3MB6D2 Motherboard 105780. Gateway motherboard raises the bar of PC industry and deliver a full-value, high-performance solution for today's most demanding tasks.

Compatible with: MX6420 MX6421 MX6422 MX6424 MX6426 MX6427 MX6428 MX6429 MX6433 MX6436 MX6437 MX6438 MX6440 MX6441 MX6442 MX6445 MX6450 MX6455
Model Number:
Gateway Part Numbers: 105780 31MA3MB0021


Socket 754M
Integrated Video
Integrated Audio
2 Memory DIMM
1 x Modem
1 x LAN
4 x USB
1 x 1394

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