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Gateway 7110GX MBoard 40-A06800-D010
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40-A06800-D010 101102
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Item Description

Gateway 7110GX Laptop Motherboard 40-A06800-D010 101102. Gateway motherboard raises the bar of PC industry and deliver a full-value, high-performance solution for today's most demanding tasks.

Manufacturer: Gateway
Part Numbers: 40-A06800-D010 101102


  • Socket 754
  • 2 Memory DIMMS
  • Integrated Video
  • Integrated Sound
  • 4 x USB Ports
  • Integrated Ethernet
  • Modem
  • S-Video
Compatible Models: 7110GX 7405GH 7405GX 7410GX 7415GX 7422GX 7426GX 7430JP 7508GX 7510GX MX7118 MX7120 MX7122 MX7515 MX7517j MX7519j MX7520 MX7525 MX7527 MX7533

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