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Foxconn 946GZ7MA-1.1-8KS2H LGA775 SATA2
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Foxconn 946GZ7MA-1.1-8KS2H Intel Socket LGA775 Motherboard. The 946GZ7MA-1.1-8KS2H supports Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme and Core™2 Duo processors, including those with 1066MHz FSB. This board also includes onboard graphics powered by the Intel® GMA3000 chip. SATAII, 7.1channel audio, Gigabit LAN and 8x USB2.0 ports make this board the ideal choice for business and home office PCs. This motherboard supports Microsoft Windows Vista Premium.


  • Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® D, Pentium® EE, Pentium® 4PXE, Pentium® 4 and Celeron® D processors Socket T (LGA775)
  • 1066(oc)/800/533MHz FSB
  • Dual channel DDR2 667/533 x 2 DIMMs, Max. 4GB
  • PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
  • ATA x1, SATAII x4
  • 7.1 channel Audio, Realtek (HDA)
  • GbE LAN (Marvell)
  • 8 USB 2.0 ports


Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® D, Pentium® EE, Pentium® 4PXE, Pentium® 4 and Celeron® D processors, Socket T (LGA775)
Chipset: Intel 946GZ+ICH7
Front Side Bus: 533/800/1066(oc) MHz
Memory: Dual Channel DDR2 533 / 667 x 2 DIMMs, Max 4GB
VGA on Die: Integrated
Expansion Slots: 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI
IDE: ATA 100 x1
Audio: 7.1 channel Audio, Realtek ALC883 (HDA)
LAN: GbE LAN,Marvell 88E8001 (PCI)
Back Panel I/O Ports:
1 set 7.1 channel Audio jack (6 jacks)
1 x PS/2keyboard
1 x PS/2mouse
1 x parallel
1 x VGA 1 x RJ45
4 x USB 2.0
1 x Serial port
Internal I/O Connectors:
24-Pin power connector
8-pin 12V power connector
CPU / System FAN connectors
CD-in connector
One ATA connector
One buzzer connector
One Front Audio header
Front panel connector
2 x USB 2.0 connector support additional 4 ports
One Intruder connector
4 x Serial ATAII connectors
One Speaker(reserve)
One SPDIF out header
One COM2 header(reserve)
One AUX-in header
BIOS Features: LPC 4MB, ACPI 2.0b, APM 1.2, PnP 1.0a, SMBIOS 2.3, USB 2.0
Form Factor: Micro ATX (9.6” x 9.0”)


CPU Support List:

BrandManufacturing TechnologyProcessor GenerationProcessor NumberClock SpeedFSBL2 CacheStepingsSpecWattage
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3262.53G533256KE0SL7TU84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3262.53G533256KG1SL8H584
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3312.66G533256KE0SL7TV84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3312.66G533256KG1SL98V84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3362.80G533256KE0SL7TW84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3362.80G533256KG1SL98W84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3412.93G533256KBG1SL98X 
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3412.93G533256KE0SL7TX84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3463.06G533256KE0SL7TY84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3463.06G533256KG1SL8HD84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3513.20G533256KE0SL7TZ84
Celeron® D65 nmCedar Mill3523.20G533512KBD0SL9KM 
Celeron® D65 nmCedar Mill3523.20G533512KC1SL96P86
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott3553.33G533256KG1SL8HS73
Celeron® D65 nmCedar Mill3563.33G533512KC1SL96N86
Celeron® D65 nmCedar Mill3563.33G533512KB1QIBN 
Celeron® D65 nmCedar Mill3653.60G533512KD0QQIA 
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott330J2.66G533256KE0SL7TM84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott335J2.80G533256KE0SL7TN84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott340J2.93G533256KE0SL7TP84
Celeron® D90 nmPrescott345J3.06G533256KE0Q46Z 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5052.66G5331MD0SL7YU84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5062.66G5331ME0SL8J884
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5062.66G5331MG1SL8PL84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5112.80G5331ME0SL8U584
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5112.80G5331ME0SL8U484
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5152.93G5331MD0QDHL 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5162.93G5331ME0QDHU 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5162.93G5331MG1QFKO 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5202.80G8001MD0SL7J584
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5212.80G8001ME0SL8HX84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5243.06G5331MG1QQAB 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5303.00G8001MD0SL7J684
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5313.00G8001ME0SL8HZ84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5403.2G8001MD0SL7J784
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5413.2G8001ME0SL8J284
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5503.4G8001MD0SL7J8115
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5513.40G8001MD0SL7L8115
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5513.40G8001ME0SL8J584
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5513.40G8001MG1QFIL 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5603.60G8001MD0SL7J9115
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5613.60G8001ME0Q76Y 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott5713.80G8001ME0Q65Y 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6303.00G8002MR0SL8Q784
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6303.00G8002MN0SL7Z984
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6313.00G8002MD0SL9KG65
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6313.0G8002MB1SL94Y86
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6403.20G8002MR0SL8Q686
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6403.20G8002MN0SL7Z884
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6413.20G8002MD0QQHR 
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6433.20G8002MB0QGDZ 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6503.40G8002MR0SL8Q584
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6503.40G8002MN0SL7Z784
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6513.40G8002MB1QJOJ 
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6513.40G8002MC1QMRM 
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6513.40G8002MD0QQHO 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6603.60G8002MN0SL7Z5115
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6613.60G8002MB1SL94V86
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6613.60G8002MC1SL96H86
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6613.60G8002MB1QJOI 
Pentium® 465 nmCedar Mill6613.60G8002MC1QMRJ 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6623.60G8001MG0QBMV 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6623.60G8002MR0QGNR 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6703.80G8002MN0SL7Z3115
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott6723.80G8002MR0QGMW 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott505J2.66G5331ME0SL85U84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott515J2.93G5331ME0SL85V84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott519K3.06G5331ME0SL8JA84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott519K3.06G5331MG1QFKD 
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott530J3.00G8001ME0SL7PU84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott540J3.20G8001ME0SL7PW84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott550J3.40G8001M E0SL7PY84
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott560J3.60G8001ME0SL7Q2115
Pentium® 490 nmPrescott570J3.80G8001ME0SL82U115
Pentium® 4 EE90 nmPrescott 3.73G10662MN0SL7Z4115
Pentium® 4 EE130nmGallatin  3.40G800512KM0Q73O 
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8052.66G5331M*2B0SL8ZH95
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8202.80G8001M*2A0SL88T95
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8202.80G8001M*2B0SL8CP95
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8202.80G8001M*2B0QEKC 
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8303.00G8001M*2A0SL88S130
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8303.00G8001M*2B0SL8CN130
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8403.20G8001M*2A0SL88R130
Pentium® D90 nmSmithfield8403.20G8001M*2B0SL8CM130
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9152.80G8002M*2D0SL9KB95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9152.80G8002M*2C1SL9DA95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9202.80G8002M*2B1SL94S95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9253.00G8002M*2D0SL9KA95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9253.00G8002M*2C1SL9D995
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9303.00G8002M*2C1SL95X95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9303.00G8002M*2 B1 SL94R95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9303.00G8002M*2B0QEZJ 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9303.00G8002M*2C1QMVD 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9403.20G8002M*2C1SL95W95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9403.20G8002M*2B1QJYZ 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9403.20G8002M*2C1QMVA 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9453.40G8002M*2C1SL9QB95
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9453.4G8002M*2D0QRLZ 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9503.40G8002M*2B1SL94P130
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9503.40G8002M*2C1QPJT 
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9603.60G8002M*2C1SL9AP130
Pentium® D65 nmPresler9603.60G8002M*2D0QQDH 
Pentium® EE65 nmPresler9553.46G10662M*2B1SL94N130
Pentium® EE65 nmPresler9653.73G10662M*2C1SL9AN130
Pentium® EE90 nmSmithfield8403.20G8001M*2A0SL8FK130
Pentium® EE90 nmSmithfield8403.20G8001M*2B0QGEL 
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE21401.60G8001ML2SLA3J65
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE21601.80G8001ML2SLA3H65
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE22202.40G8001MM0QZMV65
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE21802.00G8001MM0QZMV65
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE21601.80G8001MM0QZMV65
Pentium Dual-core65 nmConroeE21401.60G8001MM0QZMV65
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE43001.80G8002ML2QUHL 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE44002.00G8002ML2SLA3F65
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE44002.0G8002ML2QVYH 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE45002.20G8002MM0QYQV 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE63001.86G10662MB2SL9SA65
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE63001.86G10662MB2QTNK 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE64002.13G10662ML2SL9T965
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE64002.13G10662MB2SL9S965
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE64002.13G10662MB2QTNO 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE64202.13G10664MB2SLA4T65
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE66002.40G10664MB2SL9ZL65
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE66002.40G10664MB2SL9S865
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE66002.40G10664MB2QTOA 
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE67002.66G10664MB2SL9S765
Core™2 Duo65 nmConroeE67002.66G10664MB2QTOE 
Celeron 65 nmConroe-L4201.60G800512KA1SL9XP35
Celeron 65 nmConroe-L4301.80G800512KA1SL9XN35
Celeron 65 nmConroe-L4402.00G800512KA1SL9XL35
 65 nmConroe-L 2.8G8001MA0QUSE 
 65 nmConroe-L 2.40G800512KA1QXZY 
 65 nmConroe-L 2.4G800512KA0QQSB 
Core™2 Extreme65 nmKentsfieldQX67002.66G10664M*2B0QMAM 
Core™2 Extreme65 nmKentsfieldQX67002.66G10664M*2B1QQMM 
Core™2 Extreme65 nmKentsfieldQX67002.66G10664M*2B3SL9UL130
Core™2 Extreme65 nmKentsfieldQX67002.66G10664M*2B3QUPE 
Core™2 Extreme65 nmKentsfieldQX68002.93G10664M*2G0SLACP130
Core™2 Extreme65 nmConroeX68002.93G10664MB2SL9S575
Core™2 Extreme65 nmConroeX68002.93G10664MB2QTOI 
Core™2 QUAD65 nmKentsfieldQ64002.13G10664M*2B3QUPW 
Core™2 QUAD65 nmKentsfieldQ66002.40G10664M*2B0QMAQ 
Core™2 QUAD65 nmKentsfieldQ66002.40G10664M*2B3QUPT 
Core™2 QUAD65 nmKentsfieldQ66002.40G10664M*2G0QXVD 
Core™2 QUAD65 nmKentsfieldQ67002.66G10664M*2G0SLACQ95
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