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Ecs A78F2P-M2 V1.0 Atx Motherboard
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Item Code:
A78F2P-M2 V1.0
Item Condition Description:
Please Note Motherboard comes with I/O Panel Only
Item Description
ECS A78F2P-M V1.0 AMD A78 Chipset AMD FM2+ Socket DDR3L Micro ATX Motherboard.

ECS Model Number: A78F2P-M V1.0
Includes: I/O Panel Only


2-Way multi-graphics solution
Applied 100% Solid capacitor design to maximize component reliability
ECS Durathon Technology ensure the stability, reliability and performance of system.
ESD Protection prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance its durability and lifespan
Supports GUI UEFI for tweaking BIOS in Graphical interface within a multi language environment
Supports ECS EZ BIOS for tweaking BIOS in graphical user interface within a multi language environment
ECS MIB III - A friendly interface for overclocking
Dual Display design for multiple output support
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Certified
Supports DirectX 11.1 to enhance graphical performance
Supports HDMI 1.4a Technology ( resolution up to 1920X1200 ) and HDCP function
Supports Display Port 1.2 Technology
Supports AMD UVD 4.2 Engine
Supports AMD Dual Graphics Technology
Supports AMD FM2+ / FM2 APU
ECS Intelligent EZ Utility: eBLU, eDLU, eSF

CPUSupports AMD FM2+ socket for AMD A series, E Series processors
High Performance AMD HyperTransport 3.0 CPU Interface
4+2 Phase Thermal Design Power
100% Solid capacitor design
Please refer to CPU support list for details
GRAPHICSSupports DirectX 11 .1
Supports HDMI 1.4a & Premium Audio
Supports ECS 4most display
Integrated DP with up to 2560x1600 resolution
Supports AMD Dual Graphics
Supports Full HD 1080P Blu-ray / HD-DVD Playback
MEMORYDual-channel DDR3 Memory architecture
Supports 2133(FM2+)/1866(FM2) non-ECC, Un-buffered SDRAM Memory
4 X 240-pin DDR3 DIMM socket
Support up to 32 GB*
EXPANSION SLOT1 X PCI Express X16 Gen 3.0 slot(s)
1 X PCI Express X16 Gen 2.0 slot(s)
runs at x4
1 X PCI Express X 1 Gen 2.0 slot(s)
*FM2+ APU support PCI Express Gen3, FM2 APU support PCI Express Gen2.
1 X PCI slot(s)
STORAGESupport by AMD A78 Express Chipset
4 X Serial ATAIII 6Gb/s
RAID0, RAID1,RAID10 configuration
Supports NCQ, AHCI and "Hot Plug" functions
AUDIO6-Channel HD audio CODEC
Compliant with HD audio specification
Realtek ALC662
Realtek ALC662 6-channel High Definition audio CODEC
Meets performance requirements for Microsoft WLP 3.08 Vista premium and mobile PCs
Six channel DAC supports 16/20/24-bit PCM format for 5.1 channel audio solution
Emulation of 26 sound environments to enhance gaming experience
Voice Cancellation and Key Shifting in Karaoke mode
Compatible with Direct Sound 3D, A3D, I3DL2
LANRealtek RTL8111EPV Gigabit Fast Ethernet Controller
USBSupport by A78 Express Chipset
4 X USB3.1 Gen1 port(s) up to 5Gb/s
Back Panel 2 port(s)
Onboard 2 port(s)
6 X USB2.0 port(s) Up to 480 Mb/s
Back Panel 2 port(s)
Onboard 4 port(s)
Support by ASM1042 Controler
2 X USB3.1 Gen1 port(s) up to 5Gb/s
Onboard 2 port(s)
ECS EZ Charger (Gray USB header)
REAR PANEL I/O1 X PS/2 Keyboard & PS/2 mouse connectors
1 X Audio port (Line Out/Line In/Mic In)
1 X RJ-45 port
1 X HDMI port(s)
1 X DVI-D port(s)
1 X D-Sub (VGA) port(s)
1 X Display port
4 X USB3.1 Gen1 port(s)
2 X USB2.0 port(s)
CONNECTORS & HEADERS1 X 24-pin ATX Power Supply connector
1 X 4-pin Power Connector for Graphics
1 X 4-pin CPU_FAN connector
1 X 4-pin SYS_FAN connector
1 X Front Panel switch/LED header
1 X Front panel audio header
1 X Speaker header
1 X Onboard Buzzer
1 X USB 3.1 Gen1 header
Support additional 2 USB ports
2 X USB 2.0 header
Support additional 4 USB ports
4 X SATA III 6Gb/s connector(s)
1 X CLR_CMOS header
2 X Serial port header (COM)
1 X Parallel port header (LPT)
1 X TPM header
1 X Chassis intrusion header
Supports M.I.B III Utility
F7 hot key for boot up devices option
Dual Display
Plug and Play, STR (S3) / STD (S4) , Hardware monitor, Multi Boot
Multi-Language BIOS
Audio, LAN, can be disabled in BIOS
Supports PgUp clear CMOS Hotkey


SocketFamilyProcessorP/N NumberWattageFrequencyL2 CacheL3 CacheSteppingSince BIOS
Socket FM2+AMD A10-8800 Series8850BAD885BXBI44JC95W3.90GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 Series7850KAD785KXBI44JA95W3.70GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 Series7860KAD786KYBI44JC65W3.60GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 Series7870KAD787KXDI44JC95W3.90GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 Series7890KAD789KXDI44JC95W4.10GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 SeriesPRO-7800BAD780BYBI44JA65W3.50GHz2MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7800 SeriesPRO-7850BAD785BXBI44JA95W3.70GHz2MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A10-7700 Series7700KAD770KXBI44JA95W3.40GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-5800K Series5800KAD580KWOA44HJ100W3.80GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-5700 Series5700AD5700OKA44HJ65W3.40GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-6800 Series6800BAD680BWOA44HL100W4.10GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-6800 Series6800KAD680KWOA44HL100W4.10GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-6700 Series6700AD6700OKA44HL65W3.70GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A10-6700 Series6700TAD670TYHA44HL45W2.50GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2+AMD A10-8700 SeriesPRO-8750BAD875BYBI44JC65W3.60GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A8-7600 Series7600BAD760BYBI44JA65W3.10GHz4MBN/AA111/5/2014
Socket FM2+AMD A8-7600 Series7670KAD767KXBI44JC95W3.60GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A8-7600 Series7690KAD769KXBI44JC95W3.70GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2AMD A8-6600 Series6600KAD660KWOA44HL100W3.90GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A8-6500 Series6500AD6500OKA44HL65W3.50GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A8-6500 Series6500TAD650TYHA44HL45W2.10GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A8-5600K Series5600KAD560KWOA44HJ100W3.60GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A8-5500 Series5500AD5500OKA44HJ65W3.20GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2+AMD A6-7400 Series7400KAD740KYBI23JA65W3.50GHz1MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A6-7400 Series7470KAD747KYBI23JC65W3.70GHz1MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD A6-7400 SeriesPRO-7400BAD740BYBI23JA65W3.50GHz1MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2AMD A6-6400 Series6400AD640KOKA23HL65W3.90GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A6-6400 Series6400BAD640BOKA23HL65W3.90GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A6-5400K Series5400KAD540KOKA23HJ65W3.60GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A4-6300 Series6300AD6300OKA23HL65W3.70GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A4-6300 Series6300BAD630BOKA23HL65W3.70GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A4-5300 Series5300AD5300OKA23HJ65W3.40GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD A4-4000 Series4000AD4000OKA23HL65W3.00GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X4730XAD730XOKA44HJ65W2.80GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X4740XAD740XOKA44HJ65W3.20GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X4750KAD750KWOA44HJ100W3.40Ghz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X4750XAD750XOKA44HL65W3.40GHz4MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X4760KAD760KWOA44HL100W3.80GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014
Socket FM2+AMD Athlon X4870KAD870KXBI44JC95W3.90GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2+AMD Athlon X4880KAD880KXBI44JC95W4.00GHz4MBN/AA14/26/2016
Socket FM2AMD Athlon X2370KAD370KOKA23HL65W4.00GHz1MBN/AA19/1/2014


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