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Ecs A55F-M4 FM1 V1.0 A55 DDR3 SATA2 Mb
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Ecs A55F-M4 V1.0
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ECS A55F-M4(1.0) FM1 AMD A55 (Hudson D2) HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. ECS newly emerged A55F-M4 in AMD FM1 Socket Of A Series APU Processor
A55F-M4 is a combation of AMD FM1 intergrated APU processor and A55 chipset. It features with Dual-Channel DDR3 up to 16 GB and supports UVD3.0, DirectX 11 3D graphic, SATA 3Gb/s and USB 2.0. A55F-M4 is absolutely the best choice for family and commercial use.


M.I.B. III brings the same convenience interface of overclocking as M.I.B. II, it also comes with advance range of frequency tuning for system performance and superior gaming capability.

Support 32nm processors

New 32nm architecture enables support for 6 cores (or above) CPUs as well as the multi-chip packages that allow for integrated graphics on the CPU.

AMD APU Platform

The new generation of AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APUs) combiningthe central processing unit (CPU) with the graphics processing unit(GPU) in a single-chip design, features stutter-free HD video playback,DirectX® 11-capable graphics.

Support DirectX 11

DirectX 11 features the latest technologies of Compute Shaders, Direct 2D, Multithreaded Rendering and Tessellation for create rich worlds, realistic characters and more fluid gameplay.

AMD Dual Graphics

AMD Dual graphics technology enables an impressive visual uplift and added compute capacity. The integrated graphics core can be combined with the external graphics card to deliver higher overall performance.

Dual DDR3 1866

Doubles the bandwidth of your system memory up to 29.9GB/s and pumps up the system performance at lower power.


The exceptionally increased interconnect bit rate from 2.5GT/s up to 5.0GT/s would effectively eliminates the bottle neck of the system performance and brings the most terrific computing experience from the present to the future.

SATA 3.0Gb/s

Doubles the transfer speed of SATA, running at speed up to 3.0Gb/s, and fully compatible with the soon-to-be-released SATA HDD, CD-ROM and other cutting-edge devices with NCQ function support.

RAID 0, 1, 10

Supports RAID 0(Striped disk array), RAID 1(Mirroring disk array), RAID 10 (A Stripe of Mirrors). Provides users the performance and protection.

6 Channel High Definition Audio

Integrated 6-channel HD Audio CODEC delivering advanced multi-channel audio and bringing you the experience of home theater-quality sound.

Giga LAN

Delivers transfer speed ten times faster than conventional 10 / 100 Ethernet connections, supporting a high transfer rate up to Gigabit/s. Gigabit LAN is the networking standards for the future and is ideal for handing large amount of data such as video, audio, and voice.

USB 2.0

The latest connectivity standard which delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers.

HDMI Output

The interface supports existing high-definition video formats(720p, 1080i, and even 1080p), plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. Combination with HDCP, provides a secure audio/video interface that meets the security requirements of content providers and systems operators.

Support Windows® 8 OS

Workable for the next version of Microsoft Windows - Windows 8 which is the first edition of Windows to support for both x86 PCs and ARM tablets.


CPUº Socket FM1 for AMD A series processors
º Note: This board supports CPU up to 100W TDP
MEMORYº Dual-channel DDR3 1333/1600/1866* memory architecture
º 2 x 240-pin DDR3 DIMM socket support up to 16GB per one DIMM support 8GB
º *Duo to limitation of AMD chipset spec, it supports up to 1866 MHz for motherboards with a single DIMM per channel
EXPANSION SLOTº 1 x PCI Express x16 slot
º 1 x PCI Express x1 slot
º 1 x PCI slot
STORAGEº Support by AMD A55
    • 4 x Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s devices
    • RAID0, RAID1, RAID10 configuration
AUDIOº VIA® VT1705 6-channel High Definition audio CODEC
º Compliant with HD audio specification
LANº Atheros AR8151 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet Controller
REAR PANEL I/Oº 4 x USB 2.0 Ports
º 1 x PS/2 keyboard & PS/2 mouse connectors
º 1 x D-sub(VGA)
º 1 x HDMI Port(Optional)
º 1 x RJ45 LAN connector
º 1 x Audio port
INTERNAL I/O CONNECTORS & HEADERSº 1 x 24-pin ATX Power Supply connector
º 1 x 4-pin ATX Power Supply Connector
º 1 x 4pin CPU_FAN connectors
º 1 x 3-pin SYS_FAN connector
º 2 x USB 2.0 headers support additional 4 USB 2.0 Ports
º 4 x Serial ATA 3Gb/s connectors
º 1 x COM header
º 1 x LPT header
º 1 x Front panel audio header
º 1 x Case Open header
º 1 x Speaker header
º 1 x Clear CMOS header
º 1 x SPDIF out header
º Supports Multi-language BIOS
º Supports ECS M.I.B III Utility
º Supports eBLU
º Supports eDLU
FORM FACTORº Micro-ATX Size, 230mm*180mm



CPU Support List:

SocketFamilyProcessorP/N NumberWattageFrequency
Socket FM1AMD A8 Series3800AD3800OJZ43GX65W2.40GHz
Socket FM1AMD A8 Series3820AD3820OJZ43GX65W2.50GHz
Socket FM1AMD A8 Series3850AD3850WNZ43GX100W2.90GHz
Socket FM1AMD A8 Series3850AD3850WNZ43GX100W2.90Ghz
Socket FM1AMD A8 Series3870KAD3870WNZ43GX100W3.00GHz
Socket FM1AMD A6 Series3500AD3500OJZ33GX65W2.10GHz
Socket FM1AMD A6 Series3600AD3600OJZ43GX65W2.10GHz
Socket FM1AMD A6 Series3620AD3620OJZ43GX65W2.20GHz
Socket FM1AMD A6 Series3650AD3650WNZ43GX100W2.60GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3300AD3300OJZ22GX65W2.50GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3300AD3300OJZ22HX65W2.50GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3400AD3400OJZ22GX65W2.70GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3400AD3400OJZ22GX65W2.70GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3400AD3400OJZ22HX65W2.70GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3420AD3420OJZ22HX65W2.80GHz
Socket FM1AMD A4 Series3450AD3450OJZ22HX65W2.90GHz
Socket FM1AMD E2 Series3200ED3200OJZ22GX65W2.40GHz
Socket FM1AMD E2 Series3200ED3200OJZ22HX65W2.40GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor631AD631XWNZ43GX100W2.60GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor641AD641XWNZ43GX100W2.80GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X4 Processor651AD651XWNZ43GX100W3.00GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X4 Quad-Core638AD638XOJZ43GX65W2.70GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X4 Quad-Core651KAD651KWNZ43GX100W3.00GHz
Socket FM1AMD Athlon™ II X2 Processor221AD221XOJZ22GX65W2.80GHz
Socket FM1AMD Sempron™ X2 Processor198SD198XOJZ22GX65W2.50GHz
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