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DMS-59 to Dual Dvi Adapter Cable
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338285-009 41R3403 LFH59
Item Description

DMS-59 Male to Dual DVI-I Y Splitter Adapter Video Cable. DVI Splitter Y Cable with Molex DMS-59 Connector 1 X LFH / 2 X 25-pin DVI for Dual Video Cards. This cable takes one 59-pin male high density DVI input and splits to dual DVI monitor female outputs.

Compatible Dell Part Numbers: R0915 H9361 0R0915 0H9361 CN-0R0915 CN-0H9361
Compatible HP Part Numbers: 338285-005 338285-007 338285-009
Compatible Lenovo Part Numbers: 41R3403 41X6398 31028991
Additional Compatible Part Numbers: 687730006 LFH59 P576-001 887-6873-00


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